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    Kitchen knife allowed in checked in luggage?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Can you carry a sealed kitchen knife in checked in luggage. I bought it for my nephew (as it was suggested he likes things for the kitchen). I know of course cant take in carry on - but family members telling me he cant take at all . Its not a huge knife, I...
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    Qantas lounge invites expiry

    Hi, I have a lounge invite that expires tomorrow - am assuming this is last day or will it expire at end of tomorrow. But I just tried to link it to an upcoming flight in later August - but that one did not show up when I clicked the box to select. A thought that maybe if it was linked before...
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    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    Hi, I am travelling Adel/Bris tomorrow. Weeks ago I requested a business upgrade with points. But as I havent heard I decided to link a lounge pass anyway - as the next one expires on Sep 4 I figure I have nothing to lose. However when I tried to to this my flight does not show on the lounge...
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    Question please. Can I book an award flight for someone else with my points?

    Trying to book a flight for my nephew interstate but cant seem to find an option to change the name.
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    Qantas double status offer not eligible on one flight booked at same time?

    Hi, early March this year I booked several flights on the same day during a double status credits promotion. I booked the first which I guess must have been Adelaide to Brisbane using a Qantas gift voucher I had bought in December then later return from Gold Coast via Melbourne using residue...
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    ANZ FF Plat 50,000 Qantas points

    Hi, am rather peeved off atm. Was wanting to check eligibility of offer as I had closed a previous ANZ card around 12months ago but thought still may have been under the year. Tried to ring several times but after waiting over 20 mins on mobile I gave up as did not know how much costing me...
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    Qantas upgrade offer.

    Have received a Qantas upgrade offer - only a short flight from Adel to Mel. Just wanted to check if I did make a bid - (which would be lowest I could do) and happen to get offer would I get the extra status credits or is it just same as a classic award upgrade? Sorry - I'm sure this prob would...
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    Booking with voucher.

    Hi, everytime I book with a qantas voucher I cant seem to manage my booking ie check seats/check in etc. I Get message : Please review the following items Please call your Local Qantas Office to redeem your voucher PrintThe booking comes through on email and thats ok as it seems to be...
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    Status Credits on Jetstar

    Hi- am possibly looking to go from Adelaide to Tokyo (the hard way!) via Cairns as a friend from up north is going via Cairns from Jetstar and could travel together and also earn more status credits if I take the business class option. Wanting to earn enough sc to at least keep silver and direct...
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    Confused Qantas caculator re earning status credits.

    Hello, Im confused about how many status credits earned. Am trying to retain my level and thinking of doing Adel/Townsville run as suggested and then going on to Mackay (and possibly Cairns) then back to Brissy and Adelaide. Using the calculator on Qantas site Adel/Town with the business any...