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    Purchased miles extended expiry

    So I had ~90k worth of miles sitting in an account that were due to expire in Jan 2020. As most people would know LM changed their expiry policy a little while ago and miles are now only good for 12 months. That coupled with the fact that purchasing miles did not count as activity on the account...
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    Anyone taken up the current 100k Assure Sign on Bonus

    Just wondering if anyone has taken up the current promo of 100,000 points if you take out combined top hospital and extras cover with Qantas Assure? I had initially dismissed it as Qantas assure seems to be a little more expensive and not as good a cover as others, however in reading the fine...
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    RTW to get from Sydney to Vegas (EY F, VA J & Jetblue Mint)

    This trip came a little out of nowhere. Usually when we plan a holiday (especially if it involves award flights) we have locked the basic plan, including flights 12 months in advance. But this time after we got back from our epic holiday around Europe late last year we had no plans to travel...
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    Experiences with electronics ban

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with the electronics ban on flights from AUS connecting in AUH to the US. In particular, I am wondering about things like a GoPro and Bluetooth keyboard to use with the on-board ipad. Several people seem to suggest taking a bluetooth...
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    Free Thai Airways Free 20mb Internet Access Voucher

    I have a Thai SkyConnect voucher for 20mb of free wifi if anyone can use it. From memory, Thai only have inflight wifi on the A380 and the A330.
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    Tagging on US Domestic legs to award flights

    Hi all, I had a weird experience the other day. I have been keeping an eye out for 2 J award seats from LAX-SYD (which seem to be really hard to come by these days) and I got an expertflyer alert so went online and sure enough VA2 had availability for 95,500 points each. I did a bit more...
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    Return to Being a points Junkee - SYD-SIN-LHR SQ R & FCO-SYD TG F

    So I am going to try my hand at a trip report. Writing is certainly not my fortae so fingers crossed it works out ok. We fly out in SQ Suites in T-5 days and I can’t wait, we started planning this trip about 18 months ago and every since I have been itching to get in to that SQ suite with my...
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    5 Hour Layover in FRA

    Hi All, Looking for some advise from people who have frequented FRA. We are coming back from Europe early October and will have about a 5.5 hour layover in FRA. Flying in from FCO on LH then onwards to BKK on TG. Wondering if 5 hours is enough to do anything or if we should just relax in the...
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    Question about Etihad F Redemption

    Just wondering peoples experience redeeming Etihad first tickets through Velocity. In particular I was wondering if you can tack on a domestic virgin flight as the miles still fall within the 7,001 - 8,500 band as for the dates I want there is only availability on the A380 from AUH-MEL rather...
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    Long-Haul UpgradeMe Points

    Hi all, Just wondering if people have had much luck with securing long-haul upgrades using points. I am looking at a one-way flight from FCO-SYD in October and thinking about buying a flexi fare and requesting an upgrade to business. I have a few questions that I was hoping someone who has...
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    20,000 Bonus points on Cruisepilot bookings in March

    Heads up, i happened to stumble across the fact that Cruisepilot seems to be offering 20,000 bonus velocity points for bookings made during March for travel on cruises up until the end of the year. For anyone that was going to book a cruise it is a pretty good deal by the time you factor in the...
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    Another long time lurker

    Hi All, Another long time lurker here. Finally registered last December and thought I really should say hi. I very much used to be in 'the hobby' 5 years ago when I flew a lot for work, but sort of faded out of it mainly due to having enough of flying for awhile. But a combination of crazy CC...
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    UpgradeMe Premium Bid Points + SC Question

    Hi all, Just wondering peoples experience with points + sc after doing an upgrademe premium bid? I did one late last year on VA1 from Y to Y+ and sure enough got credited both SC and points for Y+ but I am not sure if this was just a random occurrence as the T&Cs seem to clearly state you only...