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    Germanwings help please

    Thanks for your reply. I have sent Germanwings my question on their contact form twice but not received a reply. I will also follow up with Smartwings regarding luggage. I am leaning towards booking the Smartwings flight just for the peace of mind that there are no connections involved and...
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    Germanwings help please

    Hi all, Last week I booked a flight for my family on Germanwings travelling from Paris to Prague in December. It is a connecting flight with a one hour layover in Dusseldorf. Do we need to collect our luggage and re check it and also check in at Dusseldorf or will our luggage automatically go...
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    Paris to Perth early January Fares

    Hi All, I have been searching one way flights from Paris to Perth on 3rd January 2015 for a few weeks for our family of 4 (3 adults and 1 child). The cheapest I have been able to find is Singapore airlines at 3168 euro (approx $4800 AU which includes conversion fees) for all of us. Do you think...
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    trolley case recommendations?

    I bought an ENORMOUS "Airport" brand wheelie case about 7 years ago. I don't know if it is meant to be a great brand or not but I think it is fantastic as it is extremely robust. It is used about 10 times a year and is definately an all terain wheeler and has been wheeled many kilometres on all...
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    The story of the Q400 and the naughty light bulb

    How many Qantas staff does it take to change a light bulb????? :lol:
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    Using my points

    Points are very easy to use for flights as long as you are prepared to book almost a year in advance or you are able to be very flexible with dates and/or destinations. I use my points a couple of times a year for family holidays and have never had any problems using them. Good luck and welcome...
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    Can 333,000 points take me Syd/SthAmerica/Europe/Africa/Syd

    Check how many days it takes for points to transfer from your Citibank account to your FF account as often FF seats are available on one day and snapped up very quickly - you don't want to be sweating it out waiting for 2-3 days for points to convert if there is only one FF seat available on a...
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    National Jet to Cocos Islands

    I have now successfully booked 2 award seats to the Cocos Islands and needed to share my excitement over the fact that the cheapest paid tix are over $1000 each but by using points it only costs 36000 points plus the 2500 assisted booking fee. To me this is good value!!!!!!!!!!
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    National Jet to Cocos Islands

    Does anyone know if you can use Qantas points to fly from Perth to the Cocos (Keeling) islands or if you can earn points on this route? If so how many will I need to use or how many can I earn?
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    I know who you are and where you live!

    Sorry about the spelling mistake on "perfect" I submitted it without checking it and don't know how to edit it.
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    I know who you are and where you live!

    To see what is on the computer screen at check in all you need to do is visit Perth international airport an go up the esculator and then look down on the check in area with a pair of binoculars and you can get a perfeck view of the info on the computer.
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    Qantas Food

    I have never had a problem with airline food and I have ALWAYS been in economy. My only gripe is that the person who designs the kid's meals is obviously not a parent. Serving spaghetti bolognaise to a young child in a confined space is a recipe for disaster and results in the child and at...
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    QF across Australia: BNE - BNE

    Lindsay Wilson, this is a great trip report although a little freaky as I too have flown from Perth to each of Broome, Kalgoorlie, Sydney and Brisbane in the last 6 months. One suggestion for next time you are in Perth during the winter months - take a trip to Broome and spend a day swimming and...
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    What would you consider good "value" for your poin

    I use my points to pay for flights for my family of 4 for holidays once or twice a year. As we are in Perth everywhere nice is along way away (read: expensive to travel to ). I never hoard my points to save up for a long haul trip that may make more sense $$$$ wise as I got burnt when Ansett...
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    Quick it Quicker????

    quick check At Brisbane airport myself,husband and 2 kids were waiting patiently in the incredibly long checkin line when I was approached by a Qantas staff member to use quick check. I informed her that as our bookings were not linked and some of us were travelling on FF points, one of us had...
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    Travelling in Shanghai

    Hi Clifford, Shanghai has to be the destination as we are travelling with friends who have a family wedding there at that time. A good excuse for a holiday somewhere different.
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    Travelling in Shanghai

    Thanks again everyone!!
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    Travelling in Shanghai

    Thanks Kevinwong, You have given me lots of great info to consider - including the HK info as we plan on having a stopover somewhere on the way back to recover for a few days. At this stage it seems that Perth Hong kong shanghai may be a viable route to take. If anyone knows of any good...
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    First time booking- need help

    first time booking need help I have had a similar situation in the past and have over come it by booking the outgoing leg on points and not booking anything for the return journey for the moment. You then need to check a couple of times each day on the net or ring to see if FF seats are...
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    Travelling in Shanghai

    Travel in shanghai Thanks for the replies and information everyone. It has given us a few more things to think about.