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    QF30 schedule changes

    Take the CX flight instead, same timing, I did this week, maybe better than QF, my loyalty is slowly shifting to Cathay.
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    As airport facilities improve...

    Food, drink and ODU's are not the only benefits of lounge access. I know it's boring but some of us catch up on work at the airport so access to internet, printers and faxes and a desk to work can be invaluable. I certainly find it more comfortable working in the lounge than sitting in the...
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    December 2010

    02 Dec BNE QF J Lounge, can guest depart 9am 05 Dec BNE QF J Lounge, can guest depart 7am 07 Dec BNE INT Lounge, can guest depart midday
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    Where's everybody spending Christmas Day?

    I will be flying BNE-MEL xmas day, have a friend flying in from Hong Kong on Boxing Day so I will be playing tour guide for a few days.
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    QF30 schedule changes

    I always take this flight to HKG because of its timing You can check out of your hotel at a reasonable time in the morning and head straight to Heathrow instead of checking out early getting bags stored and then waiting around all day for a late evening departure. Looks like I will be...
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    QFF Gold on BA- any special treatment?

    I have had two op-ups from BA flying LAX-LHR in the last 12 months so perhaps it is possible that QF status can influence an op-up on BA I am QF Platinum
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    Brisbane drinks 26 May 2010

    Not looking good for tonight a stocktake that should have taken two hours with our barcode scanner working has turned into a marathon with evey item having to be typed in after the scanner died half way through :( Think we will still be here at midnight. Isn't technology great. Not
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    Brisbane drinks 26 May 2010

    Delayed at work, one of those days.... hope to be across later.
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    Durability of New Australian Passports

    After having a safe malfunction at a hotel in Hong Kong and seeing the difficulty they had in opening it to retrieve my things I always feel quite secure using them. To get the safe open required the hotel manager, assistant manager and two maintenance men with a large a large drill, hammers and...
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    Durability of New Australian Passports

    My passport is a couple of years old now and holding up well, although the first thing I do when I arrive at my destination is to put it in the room safe, not really to preserve the condition of the passport but because of my ability to loose anything I carry on me.
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    Is Platinum the Holy Grail?

    It is possible, I would have qualified for Platinum based only on my domestic travel every year for the last ten years. I always travel on red e deals or super saver fares
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    April 2010

    16 April 6am Bne Dom J 18 April 6am Bne Dom J 20 April 5am Bne DomJ Can Guest
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    Volcano disrupts all flights to UK (April 2010)

    Volcano disrupts all flights to UK A volcano erupting in Iceland will ground all flights from UK airports from 11:30am UK time. Live: latest updates on volcanic ash travel chaos -Times Online From the BA website "After 11.30am UK time there will be no departures from any British Airways UK...
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    Brisbane drinks 21 April 2010

    I will be there, good to catch up with everyone again
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    Austrian Airlines Confusing boarding and connection

    A first attempt at a short trip report After the BA strikes were announced and we saw that their flights to Dubrovnik would not be operating we changed our return flights to Austrian Airlines one of the few alternatives on the London Dubrovnik route. Boarding at LHR seemed very disorganised...
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    Dealing with potential BA stike

    I had flights cancelled to Dubrovnik , managed to get seats on Austrian, probably an easier connection than BA, I had to get to Gatwick for the BA flights, with Austrian I only have to change terminals at Heathrow.
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    Brisbane drinks 21 April 2010

    I should be there unless something unexpected comes up
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    Best J seats on the QF A380

    Good luck with the upgrade Rows 11, 12, 13 in the small forward cabin would be my pick and probably the E/F seats because both have access to the aisle so there is no one climbing over you. If you do get a window seat it is possible to squeeze past the seat when it is fully reclined without...
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    Domestic Seat Selection - Good or Bad?

    I was wondering the same thing. I booked six flights yesterday and the best seat I could get was row six. Rows four and five were blocked for all flights. Before advanced seat selection I could usually manage row four for 90% of my bookings. I suppose you can try and change your seat when you...
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    Brisbane drinks 17 March 2010

    I am a definite for the next drinks night on the 17th. It's something to look forward to now.