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    Airport Counter Check-In

    I don't tend to have access to printers when I am on the homeward bound journey so usually check in online then front up at the bag drop with my Gold FF card and say I need a boarding pass. They have never had a problem with that for me.
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    Skywest Airlines in the news

    Kalgoorlie to East Coast flights could potentially really take off. I know lots of people that hate travelling via Perth to get to Kalgoorlie. This could force Qantas to get back into the route.
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    Points for govt flights

    I did a few flights for the WA government late last year. Got both points and status credits :D
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    Buy Platinum Status on US Airways

    Umm, the link doesn't work. The topic doesn't exist on FT.
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    Mobile Phones on planes

    What would be interesting is if you had a high speed data packet session and were able to route VOIP calls over the system some how. That would interesting seeing the cabin crew running around trying to work out how you could make a voice call through the data only network.
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    Question for Gold or Platinum QF FF members

    I travel solely for work. I work in IT with clients all over Australia. I am sitting in the QP atm on my way home (MEL - PER) for a 18 hours then I am off again to Karratha at lunch tomorrow. I mainly fly Discount Economy but thanks to my double status credit offer that expires at the end of...
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    HELP: What should(can I) do?

    If you booked the flight under one ticket and based on one single trip (ie you chose it as one flight with a stopover) then you should be fine. I have done this a few times and they will mark your bag as going to Canberra and your bags should be packed in a special place on the plane so it is...
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    OLCI - has anyone ever got Row 4 on 737?

    Working in IT and looking after a number of mining clients, I appreciate that there are a lot of people who may not appear to be frequent flyers (ie rough looking, high vis clothes etc) but probably do a heap more than me. I guess it just seems weird that I could'nt get any closer to the front...
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    OLCI - has anyone ever got Row 4 on 737?

    Well even with my new Silver membership I didn't get a much better seating allocation on my flight from PER-MEL and return. Got the window but I asked for Forward Window in my preferences. I will still allocated to 53A on a 747 and towards the back on a 767. Seemed a little weird as there were...
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    New Silver Member

    Just thought I would drop everyone a line as I have just attained Silver membership. It was a struggle for me as my company only fly me on discount economy and I have made Silver membership since my July anniversary date. If I keep going at this rate I may even just make Gold in time for the...
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    Strangest Delay Reason Experinced: Don't Check Melons!

    PRobably a good thing anyway. I was delayed out of MEL today due to the smoke that was covering Victoria. 2 Hour delay which was also caused by a broken plane apparently.
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    Earn double frequent flyer points on flights

    Thanks JohnK
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    Earn double frequent flyer points on flights

    I just did PER-SYD. The SCs are showing as normal however when I check my balance it appears to have account for the double credits anyway. Shame I will only earn Silver membership on my way home. How long does it take Qantas to normally send your upgraded status package out? I am not QC at...
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    Earn double frequent flyer points on flights

    I got targeted and am from Perth however mine was double status credits between the same period. I am sitting on 280 status credits so far this year. The promo was targeted to me to fast track my silver status. As I only fly discount economy (company policy) this will get me over the line on...
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    Qantas online checkin launched!!

    I have used OLCI a couple of times now. Each time has been without trouble, however this last trip from PER-MEL-SYD I went to get on board in Perth and the FA on board almost refused to let me board stating that I needed to produce my BP to gain access to the plane. I explained that it was an...