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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    We won't be travelling OS until Jan 2023 at the earliest
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    1000/5000 point referral for new Velocity accounts

    Nothing on any of my accounts
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    StayAngel shuts down

    Was never going to last or be accepted by hotels, anyone should have been able to see that. Allowing people to cancel a reservation and rebooking at a lower rate. Yes hotels will certainly love that and assist with building your business...........
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    StayAngel shuts down

    Never heard of it Never used it No great loss
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    Bonus 1,000 velocity points via Auspost mailbox.

    I got all my family and friends to do this in the last few days of March and the accounts were only linked in the past week or so going off the emails received No points received on any account Very poor from Aus Post and Virgin, but given the incompetence of both companies I am not surprised.
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    Suites savers now available

    What are the current champagnes in Suites and TPR ? 8 suites flights coming up in the next 6 months....
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    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    Mt Buller now not accepting amex for ticket purchases. Tbis brings them in line with all others. Perisher stopped accepting amex this year before they sold out to Vail resorts They should start accepting amex again now Vail owns them
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    Early Xmas gift from QF?

    I am now only Gold and saw the congratulations I have re qualified even though I am about 200 SC behind qualification for Gold. I have taken a screenshot as I am taking this as I have qualified and would like to continue flying Qantas in the new year If I have a free gold comp then my future...
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    Etihad First Suite booking via Virgin

    Looking at the EY website, is shows NO seats when looking at LHR-AUH but then 2 seats when looking at LHR-MEL The agents have consistently said that they can only get 1 seat LHR-AUH but then 2 seats AUH-MEL
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    Use VA points for Etihad A380 apartment or SQ A380 suite.

    Didn't try that as I don't want to end up with only 1 seat booked, which then needs to be cancelled!
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    Use VA points for Etihad A380 apartment or SQ A380 suite.

    Thanks, showing as 2 on the EY website, but the VA call centre is insisting time and time again, that they can only book 1 as when they put the request in, EY reject it for 2 VA FF seats :(
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    Etihad First Suite booking via Virgin

    Well that's what I thought as well, but I have spoken to numerous agents and they are all adamant that I simply can't get 2 F seats LHR-MEL even though the EY website shows them as available!
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    Use VA points for Etihad A380 apartment or SQ A380 suite.

    Is this still correct ? I am getting told by multiple agents that VA only gets 1 F seat on EY when booking using VA points :(
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    Etihad First Suite booking via Virgin

    Trying to get 2 F seats on Etihad using Virgin points is a total PITA I search for 2 seats on the EY website Go to book by calling VA and on more than 10 dates, I am told that VA have less availability that EY Basically out of LHR I am told that VA usually only get access to 1 seat per flight...
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    Qantas removes bottled drinking water for business/premium economy

    Cost cutting yes Fluoride is evil and I avoid it as much as possible
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    Infants in premium cabins

    It is called Jetstar
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    Etihad 777W First or Emirates A380 First

    So I need to book flights from the USA to Australia. Looking at either Emirates in F on the A380 or Etihad in F on the 777W as they don't start the A380 to MEL in time for these flights. Never flown either in First, only both in J several times Can't decide what one I should pick Emirates...
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    Reduction in Transfer Rates to Velocity/Krisflyer

    I am sitting on about 300,000 points and just caught up on this thread. Will be calling CitiBank tomorrow and then raising a FOS case if they don't transfer points at the old rate. I have always been skeptical of CitiBank and this just takes the cake. I had started to enjoy the 1:1 on the...
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    Woolworths reviewing partnership with Qantas Frequent Flyer.

    Yes those several hundred thousands points over the years certainly wasn't "useful" :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Suites savers now available

    I have never seen 3 Suites seats available for points redemption Generally it's 2 Suites/First and 2 Business class seats per flight