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    Changes to Booking made via phone not charged

    I had the same issue with a FF booking I upgraded to Business - points weren't taken off, booking looked OK but when I asked to get it emailed it still had the old booking. I rang and they finalised the change and everything reflects the correct booking now.
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    SIN/KUL/HKG/BKK-LHR Business fares on UL $2000~ Return

    I'm booked BKK-LHR / CDG-BKK next March and when I enquired they said I'd be eligible for the Chauffeur Service provided by the Airline.
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    Earn bonus points on Gift Vouchers - new and improved for Xmas.

    It's clear about not being able to use the vouchers for Classic Awards and Any Seat Awards, but does anyone know if you can use them with Points + Pay?
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    National car hire booked through V Australia

    Thanks Daniel - SLI is included in that quote, as is sales tax.
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    National car hire booked through V Australia

    Has anyone had experience booking National Car Hire through the V Australia / Virgin Blue website? Their rates are very low eg 21 March - 20 April for USD$508 including LSI & LDW for a premium car - pick up and drop off in Los Angeles.