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    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    Qantas cancelled a flight of mine to Costa Rica in August, due to the American Airlines sector being cancelled. They emailed me with a voucher, but said to contact them for other options. When I phoned I was immediately offered a full refund, without even asking if that's what I wanted - but I...
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    Business lounge access after arrival [Red eye from PER]

    Do you mean entry into the lounge is possible even when not flying, just by showing my Platinum card? I often take my daughter to the airport for her flight home (she has no status, and likes to get there early) and would love to just get a quiet coffee upstairs.
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    Help Needed - QF1 to BA0578

    I did exactly that flight combination last week (and also a few months ago), QF1 and BA578 to Venice, in economy, and had plenty of time for a shower and breakfast in the BA lounge after transferring terminals. The terminal transfer bus is quick and easy, and free, so you don't go through...