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    4 weeks and Marriott still havent transferred my miles to QANTAS

    an ongoing saga (I started a thread in the QANTAS forum as well) ... long story short: - Bonvoy claim they are 'experiencing issues' with airline transfers - I have friends who have had no issues with QANTAS transfers - initally claimed would be done in 7 days - then advised it would be done by...
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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    Hi AFFer's, Just some information for anyone considering a points transfer from Bonvoy to QFF. Currently at 3 weeks and counting, with no guarantee of when the points should hit my QFF account. See attached correspondence from Bonvoy (with personal details redacted to protect the innocent!)...
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    Are there any Q Credit promotions coming up that anyone is aware of?

    I'm 200 Q-Points short of Platinum and would love a double credit promotion to help push me along!!!
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    Velocity have messed up my Award Booking - HELP

    Tonight I made a redemption with Velocity for my partner from (City A) to (City B) on Etihad in First Class. After the reservation was made, and call had ended, the itinerary was sent to my partner and we immediately noticed that the ticket was issued in my name (although my name was spelt...
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    Checking Availability

    Hi all, Not sure if I have messed something up, but everytime (in the last week) I have logged on to check availability for award seats on the Emirates website I get an error "Sorry we have a technical problem at the moment. Please try again later". I just want to check availability - am I...
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    SQ *A redemption

    HI all, Any tips for checking *A redemption using KF mileage? Trying to get a ticket from FRA to SIN on LH A380 F (or 747-8) using KF and coming up empty ... Thanks!
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    SQ flight number on VA metal

    Hii guys, Sorry if this has been asked earlier, but how can I book domestic flights in Australia on VA metal with a SQ flight number (so as to increase tier miles)? I've tried booking via SQ website and can't seem to achieve it ... Thanks in advance :)
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    Does anyone know when the new J seat will be installed on the A330 fleet?

    I'm hoping the 'presentation' of the seat in the VA Syd Lounge is a sign that it isn't too far away ...
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    QR Lounge Heathrow

    Hi, Longtime lurker but first time poster .... apologies if this has been asked before but I haven't found another thread that answers this. I am flying MH J from Heathrow T4 to Sydney. Rather than use the MH lounge, I want to access the QR lounge (also in T4). According to what I have read...