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    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    Top 1% for me @ 91,000kms. Took 41 flights in total. Which, if correct, means I took 47 flights in total for the year as I had 2 with QF, 2 with DL and 2 with WN.
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    Free Free - Two P1 QF lounge digital passes (First Class lounge included) expiring 31/05/2020

    Would love to be considered! Have always wanted to check out the F lounge in SYD or MEL and my upcoming flight to Hawaii in October would be perfect! Very generous offer, thanks!
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    When do the points and bonus points land after your first statement? Currently 7k short of a Hawaii upgrade which I'm flying next month and wondering if I have to start the process now of following up or whether I'm being impatient.
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    Lombok R&R.

    Great TR. brought back some nice memories. I stayed at Quinci in January 2017. Can definitely recommend this hotel in Lombok.
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    Emirates lounge access LAX

    Maybe look into one of the hotels nearby for day use?
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    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    Finally managed to take up the DSC promo and I've had 3 flights and none of them have credited so far. I know it takes up to 8 weeks, but I'm just being impatient as I want to see them hit my account!
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    15-25% bonus Velocity points on transfers (Feb-March 2019)

    Transferred points earlier this week and was in my account the next day.
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    VA LAX Check in moved to T3

    Flew out of LAX in December and then again last month. Found the check in process at T3 very easy, no lines whatsoever, checked in both times around 430pm. Quick walk to TBIT and through security and on to the Emirates lounge. As much as it seems on face value to be a PIA, it's actually all very...
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    Delta operated by Virgin Australia MEL LAX

    I might jump in here as well as I had some questions about DL ticket and VA metal. I am VA gold but booked on a DL ticket thanks to my boss. I am trying to get economy x seats to LAX and back again. No access through Delta website and no access on their website. Rang Delta and couldn't get a...
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    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    Cheers. I'll give it a crack tomorrow and if it fails, i'll give them a call.
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    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    How long does it take for a cancelled booking to leave their system? I just cancelled a flight, got my travel bank money and now want to re-book the same flights and when it went to payment it said their was a duplicate booking in the system.
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    It's not the end of the world. There is 7 of us on the flight (including me), so economy wont be the end of the world. But yeah I will maintain the optimism. However I do think one of the other 7 has a good chance at an upgrade as he's gold and just got a request for himself.
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Cheers thanks for that. I guess while there is some un sold seats there’s always hope. But I’d imagine a few platinums and golds will have upgrade requests ahead of me.
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Can somebody please check the loadings for QF29 melbourne to HK on Jan 25. Got a request for J for myself and the brother in law. I’m bronze so it’s going to be a long shot, but we can only hope!
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    Velocity Gold benefits when flying on Delta-issued tickets?

    I was in the US recently and had absolutely no issues with lounge access in LA and New Orleans. I was actually surprised at how smooth everything was, zero issues and a great alliance.
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    Is International Virgin Reward availability now worse that QANTAS?

    I'd also like to know the answer to this.
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    VA to HKG from Jul 5 2017, ex MEL

    Anyone had much success with business rewards? A few posts back it seemed like there was no availabilities and no one has said anything since. Can they still only be purchased via phone?
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    re: Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion I recently made a J redemption and then checked it on TG and it was all good. Except for one thing, my partners title has ended up as her middle name yet my title is where it should be. Should I be worried? Should I call TG?
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    SQ Y fare, upgraded with KF pts > crediting to Velocity

    Anyone had any more recent experiences with this? I have a return trip to Europe with SQ flying PE. Would love to use KF points to upgrade some of the legs to J but want to credit to VA. Just hoping this loop hole hasn't been closed off since the posts from early 2016.
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    Re: All the SQ J class seems to have disapperaed Hi all, I purchased a nice set of points about 12-18 months ago and I'm now about to use them for my honeymoon. The return flight isn't available yet, but just looking at Melbourne-coughet return in TG J. So getting prepared to make the booking...