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  1. ike

    AFF Tasmania - Newcastle replacement 23/24 October

    Yes, I’m in Hobart and willing to go wherever on the that weekend! If up in Launceston or here in Hobart !
  2. ike

    Do Tasmanian Woolworths customers really prefer the "Frequent $hopper Club"?

    If this is true and Woolworths is bringing the program here, that’s great news!! Moved from QLD here and miss the QFF rewards. I’m still getting the offers and can’t use them ☹️
  3. ike

    50% more Status Credits

    Good Afternoon, I have received a offer to get an extra 50% on Status Credits on flights to Bali. I have two questions to the group is it on return trip? or just going TO Bali? I know this is a strange question, but a good question. Part two of my question would you only get the double status on...
  4. ike


    Unless the flight is full in whY as there's 30 fewer seats on the new config so you could end up in PE instead. Oh! That will be good! Thanks so much for hope!
  5. ike


    I believe you have a 1/11 chance of getting the new aircraft (I believe the 12th is in Dresden for the refurb). In other words, don't count on it. That’s ok, I actually don’t want it 😂 as I’ve got seats upstairs in the Y section, and if it’s the refurbished A380, will have go downstairs!
  6. ike


    Looks like it did SYD to LAX yesterday, any ideas what the next seven will be? I am on SYD to LAX on the 17/10 still showing the old sitting.
  7. ike

    Airlines eye new slots at Haneda (Tokyo)

    Hopefully nothing changes on this route :-) I travel offer to Tokyo, then to Osaka and out of KIX on that flight.
  8. ike

    QFF Cancellation - Thai Bhat

    I have booked and QFF Classic Reward ticket from HKT to KIX via KUL with QFF points. (Malaysian Airlines) I need to now cancel this flight due to change of plans, I called up Qantas last night and was told I have to call the BKK office as the taxes etc were in Thai Baht is this correct? Thank...
  9. ike

    JAL Status Credits

    Thank you for your comments! But I am wondering what this site is from?
  10. ike

    Upcoming Qantas website changes?

    On the old site it use to show the PE price as well along with the Y pricing, so you could book Y and PE on the same ticket, but now you seen not to be able to do that.... :-(
  11. ike

    JAL Status Credits

    I'm wanted to do this routing BNE HNL KIX BNE, can't seem to do it on Qantas website, but can do it BNE NRT HNL KIX BNE on JAL, we will be going buiness so the status credits I earn on JAL go towards to QF status? I understand I earn less points and I understand this might be a rooke question...
  12. ike

    Qantas Club -Bali?

    Just confirming what I think is right, I am a Qantas Club member travelling Bali to Brisbane on JQ. no lounge access at DPS? thank you!
  13. ike

    JQ - My Positive Experience

    My in-laws (3 pax) came recently KIX/CNS/OOL and then we did OOL/MEL/HOB/SYD/OOL/CNS (not all on the same day) and we had no problems at all...(Were 6 of us all together) All these flights were on time the cabin crew were great!! We had no baggage just cabin so cant comment on baggage pick up...
  14. ike

    OOL Drinks Night - Sunday 21st May

    Yes, I will be there! Am in Melbourne from Thursday but back on Sunday afternoon! :-)
  15. ike

    Qantas Club v Silver Member

    I do mostly domestic but one trip a year international.
  16. ike

    Qantas Club v Silver Member

    Hello there, Just wondering what members think is it worth chasing to be a silver member, if you are a Qantas Club member? What is the major difference? I'm a QC member for another 2 years or so as I was Gold and now dropped to silver but debating is it worth keeping silver, as I am a QC...
  17. ike

    Baggage rule

    i was ticketed QF 280K J reward ticket, the routing was QF OOL SYD BNE on QF then CX BNE HKG to JFK BA JFK to LHR all in business class, (all frown) now my question is we are in PE from LHR to HKG tomorrow then Y from HKG to KIX would my baggage allowance be J all the way?? I've tried to read...
  18. ike

    Refund of QFF points

    Hello All, Last Sunday on my Qantas flight from MEL to SYD I put in for a request to business class as it was a Airbus 330 and I wanted to travel on it, the upgrade fairy sent me a message and said enjoy your flight. About a two hours before the flight I got call from Qantas telling me due to a...
  19. ike

    OOL Drinks Night - Wednesday 20th July

    If ok I like to come along? Not been to a function before but keen to meet fellow members.
  20. ike

    QF codesharing with JAL

    Hello, just wondering how I can find out if Qantas code share with a QF number on JAL metal between ITM to HND or NRT. I like to book a reward seat from ITM to NRT then onto BNE on Qantas or HND to BNE via SYD. Looking to travel March 31st or April 1st/2nd 2017. thanks :p:p