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    QC Corporate rate - the field to enter code has disappeared

    I've noticed that for both QC renewals and new sign ups the field to enter a corporate rate code has disappeared. Also my code doesn't seem to be reflected in the renewal rate shown. Emailing them to ask about it they advise to call them instead. On calling them they advise they can only help...
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    Indonesia (Bali) - return trip with one way tickets

    I understand Indonesia has a problem with one way tickets - I know Tiger was kicked out over it. Is it possible to travel holding one way tickets in both directions? SYD - DPS one way ticketed in AU DPS - SYD one way ticketed in ID It's simply to save money on the return portion - Indonesian...
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    ADL-DPS JQ127/128 JQ131/132 discontinued?

    Seems like ADL-DPS flights stop dead on March 31 next year. Using MEL-DPS as an example I can see flights for sale through July 2018 and scheduled through August 2018. Likely to be a scheduling issue or bad news for ADL?
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    ADL SC woes and looking at QFF alternatives

    Some QF changes in the last few years are hurting us ADL folk * Enhancements in 2014 cut SCs to SYD by 33% * Flights into Asia culled completely, despite apparently still being worthwhile for CX, MH, EK, SQ, QR and CZ * SC severely cut on alternative airlines (CX, MH etc) Any suggestions to...
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    Citibank Annual summary?

    Citibank used to send me a financial year summary report which I found really useful. They stopped sending it at some point, but I thought no big deal I can just download my transactions and have a play in excel. Looking online they will only allow me to download the past three months. What's...
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    A330 syd-adl

    I'm interested to see that every couple of weeks or so an A330 is scheduled on the QF765 route from Sydney to Adelaide. Any insight on this? Maybe a repositioning or offsetting the capacity lost by other flights downgrading to 717s? Edit: not sure why the title was forced to lowercase
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    Can infants be seated in row 4 on a 737?

    Are there any other restrictions other than exit rows?
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    What's happening at Tom Bradley? Smart Monkey?

    Looks like some major works and possibly new check in machines. Might have something to do with TSA Precheck. I looked at the Smart Monkey website and left even more confused.
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    CommBank Premier Banking questions

    I'm awaiting a call back from a relationship manager regarding Premier Banking. From what I tell so far there is no cost nor any product requirement, just an income threshold. a) Does it cost anything? Can you use it solely to get the Diamond card at half annual fee? b) Has anyone managed to...
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    K - flex or not?

    According to the international earn table flexible booking class K earns at poverty "Economy" rate, rather than "Flexible Economy". Am I missing something here? How does Qantas without fail always find some way to make me feel ripped off?
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    Age of exit row passengers - the higher end of the spectrum

    My last flight had an older couple seated by themselves in an exit row. They weren't especially frail or struggling to move, I would estimate their age to be around 75 and one of them was using a walking stick - again not struggling, just for some extra balance I would assume. They nodded to...
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    List of QF domestic legs of international flights?

    I've tried searching for this and cannot locate anything remotely recent, and I know the number have been dropping. Is there a list somewhere or can we compile one here?
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    QF284 HNL to SYD: QF ticket, QF flight number, JQ metal = no points, apparently

    Is this correct? I called to check and the guy really had no idea. The T&Cs do seem to confirm no points unless in a certain bucket, but still doesn't seem in the spirit of earning QF flight numbers. I don't recall the booking class but it certainly was not cheap. "Qantas Points and Status...
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    Amex help - BMW Application Form still online

    Hi all, I'm looking for a no-annual fee Amex doesn't matter either charge or credit, highest tier possible I guess. Wading through pages of old information is difficult and most offers seem to have been retired. Here are my high hopes: * BMW Amex - all references online seems to be deleted...
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    Citibank Signature Card looks....

    I don't particularly care, but am somewhat surprised at how... pedestrian ... the Signature card looks :shock:
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    Qantas refund scenario?

    Hi all, I have a Qantas voucher (cancellation value) with a $110 change fee to use. Am I able to buy a refundable fare with the voucher, cancel it and therefore find myself fully refunded apart from the $110? Seems like a nice little loophole. I'm actually happy to use the voucher, but it's...
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    AA points on Qantas E class

    Apologies if this has already been discussed, it's a little hard to search when your keyword is "e" :confused: also I wasn't sure whether to post in AA or in Qantas. Anyway, is Qantas' usage of "e" class relatively new? I've seen references to it but I have not not seen it used before...
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    "Walked" from a Best Western

    I reserved a room at a Best Western as it appeared to be the nicest stay in the town. It has a "going" rate of around $150 on the last minute sites but appeared to be booked out. However I checked the Best Western website and luckily it had a room available and even better I was able to use a...
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    AA Platinum (OW Sapphire) privileges on Qantas...

    Hi all, I've received quite inconsistent treatment when checking in on Qantas as a Sapphire. I was under the impression that I am entitled to at least some privileges, but I sometimes receive dirty looks that imply I'm in the wrong queue and am not given priority tags. But then other times I...
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    How to get a QF VLML on an AA ticket?

    Hi :) Another question.... Is it possible to preorder VLML meals on the Qantas legs of an AA ticket? I beleive AA only offers VGML, which is often much less appetising. Also is it possible to specify VLML (or VGML for that matter) only on the QF legs? On AA flights I beleive there is always a...