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    No more free items from retail menu when flying business

    According to an instruction circulated to Virgin Australia cabin crew on September 26, and sighted by Executive Traveller, “effective 9 October, complimentary offering of retail items to Business and VIP guests will not be permitted.” On October 9, the ‘buy on board’ menu will be rolled out in...
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    Intra-UK J Class award

    Has anyone had any success trying to book an intra-UK J class award? It never shows up online, and I thought it might be like the hiding Finnair J class which is a known 'website quirk'. I tried calling but got the standard "subject to availability" answer to every question, even when I asked...
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    ANZ Black offers

    Got an SMS today.... Spend $80 or more at First Choice Liquor online, use provided promotion code, and get $20 discount. Seems to be a unique code.
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    25% more miles when transferring from selected partners until 6 June 2015

    See the list of partners here: Of most use to us is probably Amex. Interesting to note email specifically excludes Citi.
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    Fees for cancelling redemption

    The website is confusing and had a bit of a search but couldn't find much... Does anyone know what the exact fees/conditions attached to cancelling a redemption are? The little popup on the redemption search page says for GuestSeat can't refund or change ticket. But then the fare rules say...
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    Mobile mode broken on Windows Phone 8.1, IE11

    Mobile mode appears to have a few quirks with WP8.1 using IE11 where it will constantly refresh and then crash IE. Doesn't happen every time but I'd say 75%. This can be when viewing threads or whole boards. I've had a bit of a search to see if it is vBulletin but couldn't find anything...
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    Spend $50 at Dan Murphy’s Online and receive a $20 statement credit‏

    1. Log in to your online account. 2. Save the offer to your Card via the 'Offer & Places' tab. 3. Spend $50 at Dan Murphy's Online before 11 September 2014 and $20 will automatically be applied to your online statement within 72 hours.
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    Your chance to win 1,000,000 Rewards points‏

    During the month of July, American Express is giving you the chance to win 1,000,000 Rewards points*. Simply activate an offer via your online account and it will be automatically applied to your purchase and the saving visible on your monthly statement. Your chance to win 1,000,000 Reward...
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    Website 'technical difficulties'

    Has anyone else found lately that the Amex site is constantly not working and has the technical difficulties message?
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    Changing existing booking to be mixed-class

    Anyone done this before? No F from Aus so I was resigned to J, but wondering if its possible to upgrade on sector after already booking. I recall reading somewhere, maybe terms and conditions, mixed-class has to be over the phone so no 15% discount...
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    SYD lounge closing (or renovations)?

    Just saw on MH's website... Transfer of Golden Lounge Operations to Qantas Lounge at Sydney From 15 March 2014 onwards, Enrich Platinum and Gold members, and Business Class passengers are invited to the Qantas Lounge at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport. oneworld Emerald and...
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    Get a $50 credit when you spend $500+ at Apple this Friday

    For you iLovers... Receive one $50 statement credit when you spend $500 or more on your registered American Express® Card at the Apple Online Store or an Apple Retail Store from Friday 29th Nov 2013 to Thursday 5th December 2013. Limited to first 5,000 cards...
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    Why is upstairs at the Sydney lounge closed?

    Hi VFF Lately, a few of us have noticed that the upstairs part of the Sydney lounge is always closed, making downstairs that little bit more full and difficult to find some space. Is there any particular reason it's closed and any timeframe for its reopening?
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    Win a $5,000 statement credit

    Your American Express® Card could bring you lots of luck – $5,000 worth, to be exact. For your chance to win, just register your eligible Card and spend $50 on the things you need at the retailers below before 31 March 2014. You don't even have to spend in one go, or at the same place...
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    $25 credit when you spend $100+ at Howard's Storage World

    Register an eligible Card, spend a combined total of $100 on that Card at Howards Storage World, either in store or online, between 24 September and 10 October 2013 - and get $25 credit on your statement. This offer is limited to the first 2000 registrants with one $25 credit per Card...
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    AMEX Connect now allows AMEX issued cards -spend $250 get $50 credit Woolworths Group

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed, but AMEX Connect has switched from only being offers for bank-issued cards to now include AMEX cards. One current offer is spend $250 or more online with the Woolworths Group (Woolworths, Big W, Masters, Dan Murphy) and get a $50 credit...
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    Qantas introduces new aircraft to reduce flight times (or website confused by DST)

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed but flight times after DST starts seem to have reduced by around one hour when booking a site flight that originates in NSW/VIC and arrives in QLD. Must be the new announcement after the election. Woops?
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    Advertising on boarding passes

    Maybe I've been blissfully unaware, but when did advertising on boarding passes start? Seems a bit :-\ for a 'full service' airline.
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    Chance to win $1,000 credit each day for six months

    On mobile so I'll have to be brief. For a chance to win a $1,000 statement credit each day for six months, simply make a fashion purchase of at least $100 to enter into that day's draw. To register go to The list of merchants isn't that large... All...
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    I'm sticking with Virgin J (vs Qantas)

    After reading all the fanfare about Qantas domestic J over Virgin, coupled with Virgin's website woes a few months ago I booked my first Qantas J flight, OOL-SYD, which I flew yesterday. I'm on mobile so I'll be brief, but here's why I'm sticking with Virgin: - Qantas Club at OOL. Sure other...