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    Velocity international award redemption.

    Velocity international award redemption. Huge anticlimax!!! No business or first class redemptions available on Delta or Hawaiian from USA to Hawaii
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    Aadvantage charging 2 separate awards from Australia to USA

    At the moment Aadvantage is charging two separate awards to fly from Australia to USA eg MEL to JFK via HKG with CX For April 2022. Is this new? Previously one award would cover the connecting flights.
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    LifeMiles no good for TG, TK J award seats at present

    I have been trying to use the LifeMiles screen shot method to book a flight for next May from MEL - Europe. The LifeMiles website shows quite a bit of TG J availability on TG466 and plenty of TK J availability onward to and in Europe. I submitted my proposed booking but was informed by LifeMiles...
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    Free QFF Skype contact number

    Is there a free QFF Skype contact method? I will be out of phone coverage in WA but have wifi available. I have tried the 0396585302 number on Skype but it requires Skype credit. I have a VPN if that makes any difference.
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    Limited CX availability between MEL and HKG

    Has anyone else noticed very limited J award availability on CX between HKG and MEL in 2020? I have been looking in February and June/July and see virtually no seats available.
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    QF 29 availability on AAdvantage

    QF 29 MEL - HKG is readily available in J on QFF but shows on AAdvantage as waiting for government approval and is not bookable although it shows up on the original search. Why is this so and has anyone been able to book it lately?
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    Jetstar star class sales

    How often do Jetstar have star class sales from Melbourne to Honolulu? I cannot remember seeing a sale in the past twelve months.
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    Release of One World award seats

    I am looking for 2,OneWorld J Award seats from Melbourne to Rome/Paris and back for July/August next year. There is minimal availability at present so I am interested in others experience of when different One World airlines might release more J award seats. Do CX, QR, MH have any particular...
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    Qatar Priviledge club award availability on QF

    I am trying to find Qatar Priviledge club award availability on QF domestic J for next year. QF FF website shows abundant availability for the flights I am interested in June but when I phone Qatar they say they have none available. It appears difficult/impossible to check availability on the...
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    Checking CX availability

    I am looking for 2 J AA award availability from MEL - CDG on July 7 to 16 next year. i look on the BA site and it shows 6 seats on July 12 and 2 seats on July 16. QF site shows availability on July 12 and 16. when I phone AA they say no availability. Any advice on how to get real availability...
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    AA points purchase limit

    I bought the maximum 150K AA miles with 115K bonus earlier in the year. I find that I now need another 9000 miles for a booking soon. When I try to get my wife to gift me the extra miles the AA website will not accept the gift - over yearly limit. is there any way I can get the extra few miles...
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    Velocity seat redemption from HTI to MEL

    I have been keeping an eye on Velocity points redemption from HTI to MEL for early next July and nothing seems to be available in either economy or business for all that time. i would prefer the direct flights on Thurs, Sat or Sun but no availability anywhere. Do Virgin release some seats closer...
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    DRW QF club opening hours

    If Qantas has a flight from DRW to SYD leaving at 0145 on Tuesday June 14 should the QF club still be open until then? The QF website says the DRW QF club closes at 2000 on Tuesdays. How would I find out for sure? Thanks
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    Which airline lounge does FJ use for J passengers in MEL?

    Which airline lounge does FJ use for J passengers in MEL?
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    Qantas club closing time for JQ Mel flight

    Hi, We are travelling JQ to WLG from Mel next week at 12.45am. The last QF flight from Mel leaves at 11.35pm. what time would you expect the QC to close? At 11.35 or on boarding slightly earlier or do they stay open until after the flight leaves?
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    Jetstar paid upgrades at the airport

    I am interested in members' experience with purchasing star class upgrades at airport check in. I was able to do this on flights to/from MEL - HNL a couple of years ago. Last November we tried for the same paid upgrade at Mel airport but were informed by the very officious jetstar customer...
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    Converting Altitude points to frequent flyer schemes

    I have 900K Altitude points to convert to a frequent flyer scheme. This gives 405K FF points. In the past I have used QF for Classic rewards J flights, J upgrades to Europe and RTW J flights. I am able to convert the points to either QF, Singapore or Malaysia FF points. Can anyone advise the...
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    Classic qf FF or ASA FF points value

    I am travelling to South Africa next year with my wife and would like to use up some of our FF points to book return business fares from Melbourne. As I see it there are two choices with Qantas FF. Classic points required are 384K plus $1500 taxes or cheapest ASA points appear to be about 530K...
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    What chance for points upgrade to LA ?

    I am travelling to US in April with my wife and wanting to fly business without paying the $8000+ with Qantas. What are my chances of getting a points upgrade MEL - LAX from economy to business with bronze QFF status ? Are any Australia to US routes with QF likely to be more successful. In the...
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    Fare Seeker Booking Class Categories

    Could someone please explain all the different alphabetical booking class categories on seat for seat availability. Does one particular category denote FF points upgradable seats or seats able to be purchased outright with FF points ? Regards David