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    Sydney QF First Lounge v Emirates Business Lounge

    Visiting the QF First Lounge 5-8 times a year, I noticed that it is not the First QF Lounge it used to be. Tonight I travel on a EK flight with a QF number so I went to QF First Lounge first to have my favourite salt & pepper squid, but was disappointed with the "enhanced" selection of...
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    BKK overnight layover - will my baggage be checked through?

    I'm on a Finnair booking SYD-BKK-HEL-DUS in J with an overnight layover in BKK. I will arrive in BKK at 4.40PM (QF23) and continue to HEL the following morning at 8.55 AM to HEL (AY142). Will they check my luggage all the way through to DUS or will I have to claim it in BKK and check in again...
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    Jetstar "plus bundle" benefits not honoured/offered

    I recently traveled SYD-MEL-SYD on a "pus bundle." I chose to pay the extra $35 each way so that I would be able to choose my seat, change flight if necessary and get QF FF SC. I booked my flight, downloaded toe Jetstar app and per-selected my seats. I hate sitting in the middle so I always...
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    Manila QF Lounge - worst QF lounge I've ever experienced

    I suppose my expectations of the QF lounge were too high, so when I eventually arrived at the lounge this afternoon I could not believe how basic and poor the Manila QF Business - First Lounge is. I would frequently travel via Singapore or Bangkok or Hong Kong so even though people have been...
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    Cheap J fare BKK- DUS in August 2017

    Need to travel to DUS in August 2017 preferably in J. I know August is considered High Season but still hope to be able to snap an attractive discount business fare for my ticket. My preference is One World as I am a QF WP, but would consider other options "fi the price was right." Heard of...
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    Finnair J fares to Europe in August 2017

    Looking for reasonably priced return business fare SYD-WAW in August 2017. Searching various websites found some Finnair J fares for about A$5300. Would prefer QF but there is very little sub A$7000. How is AY Business product? What SC points will I get for a return J flight SYD-WAW with AY? Is...
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    Two 6 hours delays on QF RTW Reward in J

    Have recently returned form a a 3 months RTW trip to Europe. Had two very long delays on a QF ticket: 1/7/2016 QF73 SYD-SFO 6 hours dalay (approx) 4/9/2016 AA242 ORD-DUS 6 hours delay (approx) As a result I lost a day in San Francisco in 1/7/2016 and a connecting flight in Europe on a...
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    QF/OW RTW J reward to Europe June July 2016

    Hi, I'm seeking assistance in planning and eventually booking a reward RTW ticket to Germany or Poland in business class. I'm a QF WP with over 300 000 points. Planning to depart from Sydney in the first week of July 2016, via USA. I would prefer to avoid LAX, but OK if has to be, Dallas...
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    Qantas and Jetstar Asia (Int.) baggage allowance

    I'm arriving in SIN at 16.00 on QF81 and continuing to SGN on Jetstar Asia (3K 551) at 19.50. Will I be able to check in my luggage in SYD all the way to SGN or will I have to pick it up in SIN, clear Immigration and Customs and check in again for my flight to SGN? Will Jetstar Asia honour my QF...
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    Upgradeable QF fares to Europe

    I'm planning to travel to Europe, (Germany,) end of June 2013 and am wondering whether I should hope for a sale of the upgradeable fares for mid 2013. At the moment I can get a return SYD - FRA with QF (Sale fare=non-upgradeable) for $2068. The same trip on an QF upgradeable ticket would cost me...
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    QF20 MNL-SYD load & Manila QF lounge

    Anyone can check the load on QF20 MNL-SYD on Saturday, August 18? How is the QF lounge in Manila? Thank you?
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    Multiply QF FF accounts

    Is it possible to have 2 or more QF frequent flyer accounts under the same name? Thanks
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    Fully Flexible QF flights not so flexible...

    Was very disappointed to find out that my Fully Flexible fare SYD-WLG-SYD doe not give me the freedom to change my flight without any hassle, (fully flexible!!!) both ways. I just wanted to change my return flight to SYD and was disappointed to learn that I was flexible only one way; that the...
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    Volcanic ash from Chile & my flights SYD-AKL-LAX

    Hearing news about flights interruptions to and from NZ worry me as I'm on QF141 SYD-AKL and QF25 AKL-LAX on Tuesday, June 14. Apparently only flights MEL - NZ are affected, but since QF25 originates in MEL, then I may get stuck too... Is anyone else worried?
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    Choice of seats on QF fligts SYD-AKL-LAX-DFW-ORD-DFW-SYD

    I'm on SYD-AKL-LAX-DFW-ORD-DFW-SYD in June. As a WP I was automatically allocated : 23J on QF141 SYD-AKL (14/6/2011) 23B on QF025 AKL-LAX (14/6/2011 9C on QF3202, LAX-DFW (14/6/2011) 9D on QF4439 DFW-ORD (17/6/2011 9D on QF4442 ORD-DFW (10/9/2011) 37B on QF008 DFW-SYD (10/9/2011) Most seats...
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    SYD to USA on QF

    I'm planning to travel to Europe, (for 3 months) via USA end of June 2011 on QF and OW partners, (from USA to Europe.) At least on the first leg, (SYD - USA) I would like to upgrade to business. Out of the 3 QF USA destinations,(LAX, JFK and DFW,) which one gives me the best chances to upgrade...
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    Confusing Jetstar Boxing Day Specials

    Have just received an email from Jetstar with Boxing Day Specials. One of the fares that attracted my eye was Star Class MEL-BKK, 4 May-22 June 2011. (Bingo, I thought, as I'm planning to travel to Bangkok in May 2011.) Now, the price quoted in the email says that it will cost me $599 one way...
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    domestic sales for 2011

    Just got an email from QF reminding me about this sale coming to an end: "...great fares around Australia on sale now available for departures from 11 January to 6 April 2011 and 3 May to 22 June 2011, unless otherwise stated..." I've been wondering, how many people can take advantage of...
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    Melbourne - Perth flight

    Hi all, On Thursday, (3.6.2010,) I'll be on a MEL-PER flight, (QF485.) It will by my first ever flight to Perth. I've been allocated 38B; is it a good seat? At this stage, Is the flight full? Thanks for your kind assistance. Henk
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    Etihad and volcanic ash cloud

    Hi all, A friend of mine is on a Etihad MEL-DUB flight, (stopover in Abu Dhabi) next week. He is worried that he might get stucked in Abu Dhabi if they announce that Dublin airport is closed because of the volcanic cloud. Is the airline obliged to provide hotel in Abu Dhabi if that's the...