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  1. kookaburra75

    Ryanair bans customers who claimed credit card refunds for flights they missed because of lockdown

    Interesting article on CNN News website this morning One snippet from the article covering when the authorities looked into complaints made about Ryanair's stance: "Last week, Britain's antitrust...
  2. kookaburra75

    Toodling Around Tasmania

    Tasmania is a place MrsK and I have enjoyed travelling to over the years. I was fortunate to first travel there in 1980 working as an Assistant Surveyor at a mine up in the north-west, in Luina and spent time exploring the wilderness around the mine, as well as the heady heights of Hobart. Over...
  3. kookaburra75

    Free (Gone) Two Qantas Lounge Passes - expire 20 March 2021

    Two Electronic Qantas Passes available for free, to a good home - expire on 20 Mar 2021. First in, best dressed
  4. kookaburra75

    Birthday Bubbles & Bold and the Beautiful @Byron Bay

    Mine and MrsK's birthdays are only nine days apart in October, so we try and organise a trip somewhere which covers one or both birthdays - and somewhere warm. Living in Canberra all her life, being somewhere warm, especially in July/August is high on MrsK's priorities - in fact it's mandatory...
  5. kookaburra75

    Best Photographs of Aircraft

    I was sorting through my digital copies of the f11 magazine, and came across the edition with the photos and story from Jon Davison, probably one of the best aircraft photographers I've seen. The edition can be found here...
  6. kookaburra75

    Retro Trip Report - UK, Europe & Morocco 1972 (or how did my parents survive?)

    I'm taking a break at the moment, between jobs to try and get all the things done around the house that have been put off over the past five years, which was planned a couple of months' ago. And then of course there is that virus thingie and the stay at home - well timed. So my thoughts turned...
  7. kookaburra75

    Tastes of Rutherglen (7 to 8 March 2020) - Anyone else going?

    Mrs K and I, along with three of our adult kids and their other halves are making the trek next year to the Tastes of Rutherglen. We're staying in Corowa and using the buses to get around on Sat and Sun. We have been a few times now; excellent wines and people, and it is always lots of fun...
  8. kookaburra75

    Free Free to a good home - 2 X Qantas Lounge Passes expire 1 Sep 2019

    I have two Qantas Lounge passes, expiring 1 Sep. Subject to the usual limits as imposed by Qantas (Complimentary Lounge Invitations | Qantas). Free to a good home - would like to see them go as a pair, maybe on an international soujourn. First in, best dressed though. Cheers
  9. kookaburra75

    Free 1 x General QF Lounge Invitation - expires on 25/12/2018

    Hi All I've got a General Qantas Lounge pass that expires on 25 Dec. Send a message if you want it. First in, best dressed
  10. kookaburra75

    Ambling Around Avebury

    I'm across to the UK 2-3 times a year with work, usually for two weeks. I try and spend the middle weekend exploring different parts of the countryside - and as our office is near Oxford there is quite a lot in a very small (to us Aussies) radius. I try and find places where I can do leisurely...
  11. kookaburra75

    Kookaburra's Kakadu & Other Places

    Each January, Mrs K and I choose somewhere to be in July, other than Canberra - we need to be somewhere warm. Last year was Hamilton Island, and this year we decided on the Top End. I had worked up there in the 80's, but Mrs K had never been. Knowing getting accom in the Dry can be difficult...
  12. kookaburra75

    Belated Trip Report - European Escapade

    Since joining AFF I have enjoyed the various parts, especially the Trip Reports. Every few years, My Better Half and I have a 3-4 week holiday, somewhere new and special. At the end of 2016 we spent four weeks in UK, Ireland and Southern France and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I realise it was...
  13. kookaburra75

    Tastes of Rutherglen - 10 + 11 March 2018

    Is anyone else making the pilgrimage to Rutherglen this weekend, for the two days of fun, food and wine? Myself, MBH and two friends will be down there, staying in Corowa and attending the dinner at Pfeiffers on Sat night. Anyone interested in forming mini AFF groups at any winery, or maybe...
  14. kookaburra75

    Best Martinis ever - When, Where, Why?

    While relaxing in the NSW South Coast for our wedding anniversary and enjoying a martini in the bar last night (as we are classic dry martini afficiandos) my better half and I got around to talking about the many fine experiences we have had in our travels that involved Martinis. We also enjoy...
  15. kookaburra75

    QANTAS Heathrow Check In - Not opening until 3 hours before the flight

    I just rocked out to Heathrow about the usual time for QF2 (8.30pm departure), 3.30-4pm, so I had time for some work, a shower, relaxation time etc, but the displays say that check in doesn't open until 5.35pm. There were a few other people looking blankly at the screens as well, wondering why...
  16. kookaburra75

    Hi All - New Member to the Family

    Hi All As mentioned by many a newbie, I've lurked around the edges and have decided to step into the light and be more active with the forums etc. I've spent the past 35+ years on the road in different modes of travel as a surveyor and in the past 15 odd years as a consultant and small...