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    Best way to blow 1.5M Velocity points

    What would you do? I'd like to go to Scotland next year, but SQ in J is only 348,000 Velocity points. I am Canberra based, so SQ is very handy, with a CBR > SIN route and easy redemptions. I could add a travel companion, but I have friends there, so that's not essential (am single myself). Or...
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    Good Customer Service Experience

    Some months ago, I had booked an itinerary in J (saver fare) BNE > LAX > PHX outbound, and LAX > SYD > CBR return. The travel dates are now a little over a week away. I wanted to change the return leg of the journey by pushing the date out 5 days. Applicable charges should have been a $400...
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    Velocity Platinum to Europe in J - SQ or EY?

    Hi all, Modelled on the other thread relating to travel in Y. I am off to London this October with SQ principally because it was a points redemption and the fees were lower. I am now planning to go again in May. The fees are relevant obviously, but is EY a better experience? Also interested...
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    Is it time for Virgin to join an alliance?

    This is really bugging me. For the first time, I am really discovering the limitations of being with Velocity. I am starting to travel a lot of long-haul international in J and have especially been busy booking several business trips next year. Every partnership they have is different in terms...
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    Lounge Access: Business Arrival, Premium Economy Departure

    All, I have flights booked SYD -> LHR return for next year. 3 of the 4 sectors are in Business with the final sector (SIN -> SYD) in Premium Economy. I have quite a long stopover in SIN on the way back and have realised that I may not get lounge access on account of not having a business...
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    Long Haul Points Upgrade

    Hi all, Normally I fly J for work CBR > LAX, but am heading over to the USA for leisure in March next year. I don't especially want to spend the $ for a full-fare J trip, but economy is quite torturous for me as I am 6'7"+ with a big frame and have rheumatoid arthritis. This makes me keen to...