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    Best Use of FlyBuys points!

    I've been a member of FlyBuys ever since it began a couple of decades ago, since before many of the current fifty-a-week AFF contributors were born, and long before the smug Platinum members - who affect to term themselves something else, such as WPP- sheesh. How exclusive - or pathetic - can...
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    Who closes the topics and why?

    I have recently perused a very useful thread from a few years ago relating to the means of contacting Qantas other than by its preferred method - ringing Qantas and waiting x minutes. The OP asked, quite reasonably, if there were (alert: subjunctive mood) an email contact. The usual arrogant...
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    Why on earth are threads closed?

    And who plays God? Fair crack of the whip; if a question was ever worth asking, that fact may be gauged on its merit as judged by other members. If there are even a few replies, keep it there for goodness' sake. It is always worth an answer or a clarification. Things change, but if the topic...
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    Is there an answer[to why some members promote their Status So?]

    The predilection of some members to mention and thus parade their high status in various airline and hotel programmes has bemused me for a full decade. Why do they do it? Sharing tips and being helpful to others without personal big-noting is laudable, but telling everyone that you're a...
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    Transferring to AAdvantage - miles, cc's & general questions

    Re: Congrats on FINALLY seeing the LIGHT Good news, but is it necessary to transfer AmEx (any particular type?) points to some hotel scheme (which ones?), and then to AAdvantage miles? I've read all the posts I could find, and a Platinum challenge seems an excellent idea in order to achieve...