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    WAy out! - stretching to Longreach

    A Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service A380 in Queensland? Never, says the Irishman who lives in the faraway tree.
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    WAy out! - stretching to Longreach

    Mt Isa to Longreach in September 1966. VH-RMI. The instructors on my ATC course in Melbourne early the following year mentioned it frequently.
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    Australian state border restrictions

    Tennis used to be worth watching before the introduction of the ugly double-handed backhand, and until the AO was moved every year to the place which cannot be mentioned. Of course I am from the same state as Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Mal Anderson, Pat Rafter, Samantha Stosur and the wonderful...
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    BNE Airport tour (proposed when COVID allows) interest thread

    As an ex BN (BNE to some) ATC who retired young (53) before they built the parallel runway at Brisbane, I'd like to go, but I have seen enough sunrises and sunsets (beautiful from a tower), so I won't stand in the way of an AFF who really wants to go.
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    The Irishman has continued to ignore the Q in Qantas, as well as the NT. It's SAMAS, now, with his imprimatur, don't you know?
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    Air Force 100th Birthday flypast

    I was at RAAF Amberley 23 SQN from May '79, nominally as an OPSO, but used frequently as an ATCO at Amberley Tower because of the fact that I was a tower controller in civilian life. Highlights of my RAAF service were Kangaroo 79 in Rocky (perhaps I shouldn't mention that, but it's relevant...
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    This thread was so promising, once.
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    But if you're over 60 it has to be the flawed and unethical AstraZeneca, or nothing.
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    BNE new runway - updates

    As a retired ATC from BN (sic) and AF (sic), may I add this? ATC is heavily - i.e. totally and completely involved in such discussions. The airport "owners" are relatively unimportant.
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    Qantas offers special “Centenary” scenic flight

    Well, I have not, but then again, I'm a Queenslander, so stone-motherless last on Alan Joyce's totem pole whereas Qantas, whose CEO conveniently forgets that Qantas, a Queensland airline, began a hundred years ago and made a such a success of it that the Feds took it over, forced it to move to...
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    Australian state border restrictions

    Yes, Rooflyer, it is only an opinion he or she is espousing, and I agree with you. Gremlin does not appear to realise that Australia is merely a federation of states (or countries/colonies, as they were until the end of 1900), and that it is imperfect, yet it is five times as large as NZ, which...
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    New Zealand Travel Bubble Announcement

    How condescending. No one agrees with Jeannette Young, eh? No one? I do, along with a lot of other Queenslanders. She's struggling? Not noticeably, and I watch every news conference. She is constant, but she and I do not agree with you. Is that permitted? As already pointed out, QLD (pop. 5...
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    Daughter in Finland

    Clearly and obviously this is the answer,
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    Carnival confusion

    Quite so; I once (in 1970) was in a Gwen 12 in Cabbage Tree Creek, which was swamped by the wake of a ship going not very fast for a ship. Those were the days.
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    Hobart to Canberra direct flights announced

    RooFlyer left out Queensland in his/her mentions, but included WA, SA, NT, ACT and SA . What do we not know?
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    747 Bar Carts

    As a Platinum One was not told, what chance did those in paid J have, let alone those in lesser classes of travel? No notification.
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    Qantas petition to open state borders

    FIFO is gross stupidity under the circumstances, and shoud have been suspended six or more months ago.
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    Qantas considers moving SYD HQ interstate / Heavy maintenance away from BNE

    Not a bad idea, AIRwin, but I'm not sure AJ knows where it is.
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    AA resumes LAX-SYD from Nov

    The election Is actually a couple of weeks earlier, drron. I must presume that you're referring to the Queensland election, of course, not the Yank silliness. Of even more importance is the State of Origin, of course, which starts on the 4th of November, my daughter's birthday, so of course...
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    Best Airbus A380 memories (so far)

    QF, which began in Queensland 100 years ago come November, and still bears the Q, never deigned to fly the A380 in Queensland. I believe that it is the only type they have not flown in the state which spawned them 100 years ago, except for a brief period a few years hence. Goodness me no...