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    Use of points for a non family member booking

    I am shortly to travel to Singapore with my new lady partner and wish to use some of my points. Can I purchase a ticket for my partner using my points even though she is not a family member?
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    It would be good if we oldies can swap yarns and pics of what things in the old days. Remember when planes had things on the wings that went round and round? Remember when you got dressed up in a suit to travel by air? Remember when you got a three course meal in economy between Sydney and...
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    Transferring QF Club Membership

    My wife passed away two weeks ago and I am now getting her affairs sorted out (a rather large job). She has held a life membership of the Qantas Club for over thirteen years and my question is there any way this membership can be transferred to myself. I have been an FF member for this time...
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    Transfer QF points

    Is it possible to transfer my wife's QF points into my QF account? My wife has 138470 points currently. I know this sounds mercenary but my wife does not have very long to live and unfortunately the trip we were saving points for will probably not take place. A friend of mine suggested that I...