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    Accruing United Miles

    I'm a long time QF points collector, mainly due to the fact that it's easy and points are readily available. I've decided to turn my attention to Uniteds Mileage Plus programme with the target of 160,000 miles for a first class Asia award redemption for two. What is the best way to funnel...
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    Award booking cancelled without notice

    Hoping I can get some advice. Toward the end of last month, I phoned Qantas to book the first leg of my RTW award ticket. It was from SYD to JRO via DOH with QR. About a week after the first booking, I rang up again and booked my second leg, JRO to LON via DOH with QR. Fees were paid, my first...
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    BA Lounge Access Flying AA at LHR

    I am looking at AA from LHR to JFK in J next year. I understand there is an Admiral's Club lounge at LHR but it doesn't seem too appealing. Am I able to access the BA lounge as a One World partner?
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    Changing/ cancelling Award's flight

    Hi All, I have had something come up that requires me to cancel/change two seats on a one way flight in J from SYD to HKG in July. From what I have been able to find out on, I will incur a 5000 point fee for the change/ cancellation. Is this right? I also could not find anything...
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    Award booking frustration

    I'm trying to make an award booking from HKG to YVR next year around June/ July for two adults. When I attempt to make the booking for two (flexible with dates), I am told there is no availability and to look at alternate dates. When I make a dummy booking as a single passenger, there are seats...
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    One way price too expensive

    I am currently trying to book a trip for my wife and I to Canada next year. I am attempting to fly using QFF in J from SYD to HKG to YVR. This is proving troublesome in itself, however the greater problem seems to be the cost of purchasing a one way ticket on our return from YVR to SYD. Tickets...
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    Hi everyone. Learning some great tricks and tips, thanks to all those who have added their input.