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  1. Heleigh

    Silver spitfire cuff links

    I thought these might interest someone here, there is an auction tomorrow being held by LAWSONS, 8-16 Moore Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2040 T: (02) 9566 2377 E: [email protected] In the affordable jewellery section starting 12.30PM Thursday 18 JULY The Lot No is 360 Link Cabinets Lots &...
  2. Heleigh

    Row 4 leaves onboard baggage in J overhead bin

    OK I know it some where in here but starting new one :) Yesterday QF751 SG (can't judge actual status by tags) tag on bag put bag on 1D to organize his stuff in a rushed way - grabs bag to go into overhead locker - not over 1D area which was empty but down to 3C locker space then sits in row 4...
  3. Heleigh

    Any one know - ALPHA FLIGHT GURU??

    My brother has a quote from AFG (ALPHA FLIGHT GURU) Boris Rozinov Luxury Travel Guru 881 Sneath Lane, Suite 222, San Bruno, CA 94066 USA Office: (+1) 650 273 4221 Office (Sydney): (+61) 02 8310 4033 J class SYD-LAS via LAX return VA on Delta for Approx $5K. No points or SC. I believe...
  4. Heleigh

    What is you favorite drink in lounge?

    Sitting in Concorde lounge JFK had three very good Mojitos and one whole champers?(don't konw which one) so the question is what is your fav drink in lounge? Mine undoubtly mojitos LUV them.. HIC HIC :lol: Wonderful staff - to those who do not like CCR - i've never had a bad experience
  5. Heleigh

    Solo flier needs someione to share cost of J 2 for 1

    I made a suggestion in another thread to start another for solo fliers looking to save (Qantas 2 for 1 in J) as well and realized I have flights, so here goes. I want flights between BNE to SYD return. (Original plan pay for one and JASA but if can pay for all at discounted prices better) So...
  6. Heleigh

    Not too happy with last segment on ADONE

    ADONE may/june - three flights on A380 1st two excellent third started so well turned to not so nice. Young man on entry wonderful welcome said leave bag on floor and he would put in overhead locker, sorry to say never saw him again. Young female taking orders and looking after row A not...
  7. Heleigh

    Which J seat Qf A332 or 763 BNE to PER

    Am flying to PER Dec 2011 and can choose between A332 or 763 in J. Looking at seat guru it states pitch is larger on 763. So need help, which metal would you choose? Thanks Helen