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    Rex lounge - Melbourne

    Does anyone know when the Rex lounge at Melbourne airport will reopen to Priority Pass card holders ? I was turned away from the lounge this morning despite the App. saying that the lounge reopens today - the 17th a March.
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    Minimum time for connection MEL/MNL ?

    Hi there, I booked a flight a few weeks back for travel from Melbourne to Manila. I depart on QF422, arriving into Sydney at 11.25am, and are then traveling on to Manila on QF19 departing 12.25pm. I know there is a shuttle bus between terminals however that departs each 15mins at best. Allowing...
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    Qantas domestic J Class meals this month

    A random question I know, but I have a bet with my partner as to what the food service options will be in Qantas Business Class tomorrow afternoon from Perth/Melbourne (QF768). If anyone has a heads-up as what the Feb menus are I'd love to hear from you !
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    URGENT advice please on redeeming Amex points

    Hi there, I have accumulated 1.2 Mil Amex points and need to move them from my Amex account this week. I would like to book some FF flights next year, preferably with One World. I would also like to use some for Hotel accommodation. Any advice on which programme(s) to shift them to would be...
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    Best way to use Amex points

    Hi there, I'm a QF Platinum member with about 500,000 points in my account. I've also got about 1,600,000 Amex points ready to transfer. I'm thinking of aiming for a Mebourne/US business class holiday next year (July ?) for the family. Is this achievable ? I know there are limited transfer...
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    Can I transfer AMEX points to AA Miles Program, if not any suggestions pls ?

    Hi there, I'm looking to finalise an itinerary over the coming weeks to Latam, and I'm looking to utilise my Amex points for the Cancan to NYC leg on the 7th November. I'm flexible on NY airports however I would prefer a direct flight seeing it's only a 2hr30min flight. I have 1.3 Mil Amex...
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    J Class comparison : Qatar Vs Emirates

    hHs anyone had experience flying both of these ? I've tried Skytrax and not a lot of detail on there to guide me. Thanks !
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    Help with itinerary please - MNL/LHR or LGW and FIU/MNL

    I have stacks of American Express reward points ... 700K at last count, and also 200K or so QF points, I'm looking to book 4 x Business Class fares to Europe in July, and I know I've lost any chance of using points, so I was looking to book an itinerary. I'm based in Manila, so I need to go...
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    Chances of an Operational upgrade on CX

    Hi there, I've just booked flights from Manila to Toronto and have secured S class on my departing flight and N on my return flight. I'm a one world platinum..... do I have any chance of an upgrade on either leg, or does this fare class preclude it ?
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    How do I maximise my QF FF and Amex points ?

    Hi there, I'm after some guidance/help and possibly assistance in plotting an itinerary. I did post a note in December with regards a Xmas itinerary and thanks for the responses however, as most members pointed out, I was leaving my run a little late. My circumstances are ; - Long standing...
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    Advice on how to use Points please ?

    I have an objective of taking my 2 boys (17yo/14yo) to Europe during the December school holidays. We will be leaving ex Perth and returning to Melbourne. Ideally we would like to take in 4-5 cities, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome etc. but are flexible on this, the main objective is to give the...
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    Hi everyone

    Looking forward to contibuting and learning from this forum I've been flying for business and pleasure as long as I can remember.