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  1. luxury-lizard

    Can't select seats on business class award flights

    Booked 2 seats in J for SYD-SIN-MUC confirmed and a WL for a later SYD-SIN flight (to shorten connection time) - now I cannot select seats online the 'button' is greyed out for no apparent reason. This booking was made over the phone as I was changing an existing booking and I could not do this...
  2. luxury-lizard

    Using LM to book domestic AC fights

    For those frustrated by the fact that AC domestic award flights don't show up on LM - try doing your search to/from a US city (or other international port) - some combinations will show AC domestic segments. eg if you search YVR-YYZ no fights show up but if you search SEA-YYZ for the same date...
  3. luxury-lizard

    Booking Window now 364 days

    I use the UA award search capability from time to time - really like the 2-month window layout - just this week I noticed that UA's window extends out 364 days - unlike the 332 days - really useful when using this interface to look for awards on other *A airlines.
  4. luxury-lizard

    Find more fares

    On searching Lifemiles - I often get an option to "Find more Fare" which according to the LM information should provide some sort of co-pay (miles + points) options for that route; however, if I click on it all I get is a blank screen. Any ideas? Just looking to run down my balance to zero with...
  5. luxury-lizard

    Customer led vaccine revolution

    I'm hopping mad about the cause of the current Greater Sydney Covid outbreak and lockdown and now a Virgin flight attendant has tested positive. So I'm trying to figure out how to start a customer led "revolution" - I plan to tell QF and other airlines that my selection criteria when looking...
  6. luxury-lizard

    ANZ rewards transfer to Velocity back

    They're back - but 2 ANZ rewards for 1 Velocity with 30% bonus during May.
  7. luxury-lizard

    some exceptionally low fares - are they mistakes?

    We're looking (in fact in the process of) booking a Ponant cruise mid-March 2022 from MRU to SEZ via Madagascar (using a credit from a cancelled 2020 cruise). Now I've already started searching for both paid and award flight options to MRU and from SEZ to Sydney. While the booking window won't...
  8. luxury-lizard

    Current change and cancel fees for award tickets

    Wow this thread has been quiet for a while. I'm looking at booking award tickets (for 2) for late Jan 2022 to the Seychelles on QR but can't seem to nail down the change and/or cancel fees. I've called AA and they were pretty unsure themselves.
  9. luxury-lizard

    Second rate experience on SYD-BNE-SYD

    Wow - QF now providing complimentary F&B - VIrgin is so far behind the 8-ball here - just returned from the above trip - full flights - beverage offered was a cup of warm water (or juice) and a small packet of nuts. Reason given for reduced service was of course Covid. Some FA's did not wear...
  10. luxury-lizard

    booking award flight for immediate travel to Sydney

    A friend's daughter is 'caught' in London - she is now trying to get back to Sydney ASAP (she's had Covid and pleurisy twice) .... and as we all know Australia is likely to tighten controls over people returning from the UK. Flights are of course very limited and extremely expensive. however I...
  11. luxury-lizard

    Only 25 passengers on my SYD-Alice Springs on Oct 27

    So the NT border opened to Sydney-siders on Oct 9 - so we re-confirmed our trip to The Center made back in June. After QF changed the date twice (from the 27th to the 28th then back to the 27th) then the day before QF changed the time by 1.5 hours - we finally got on our flight. To our amazement...
  12. luxury-lizard

    LIfemiles survey

    Ha Ha - received an e-mail this morning with a survey request for the Lifemiles website - well - have fun with it - they will get more than they bargained for. I gave the website a one-star rating and in the free form section on "what improvements would you like to see" - well I made many...
  13. luxury-lizard

    One free change costs $99 pp

    So I made a domestic booking a few weeks ago and my understanding is that you get one free change under QF's current CV "book with confidence" policy. I just made a change (to outbound and inbound flights - on a return booking) and was charged $99 pp. Not wanting to miss out on the flights at...
  14. luxury-lizard

    TG now showing availability most days ex-SYD to Europe

    Just checked and if you're willing to take a chance on booking flights to Europe next May/June - TG awards available pretty much every day in J to BKK then J/F to FRA (and J to other ports). LM even showing the flights with long connections. Of course even if international travel is back on the...
  15. luxury-lizard

    Avianca on the verge of bankruptcy

    Read today on a couple of FF blogger sites that Avianca is on the verge of bankruptcy - I guess not really a surprise but those with balances in LifeMiles should beware; me being one of them. It does not even help to book tickets now for next year (say) because those tickets will not be honoured...
  16. luxury-lizard

    Help for NT clinic

    Saw this post on FT QF forum - hope it's OK to re-post here:- FT Cares - Help Fellow Members and Connect - FlyerTalk Forums I have sent the OP a PM seeking her mailing address which I now have and can share via PM or best you go over to FT and do the same.
  17. luxury-lizard

    No credit for business class flight on South African Airways

    I flew CPT-JNB-PER on SA in business class - and credited to my LM account - the CPT-JNB sector posted but the JNB-PER did not. After sending a claim for missing miles to LM - I finally received a response (> 2 weeks later) which said this sector was in "P" class which is "not defined" in their...
  18. luxury-lizard

    How to report an inappropriate post

    Hum - never had to do this but would like to know how to report what I feel is an inappropriate post to the forum moderator. I am talking about posts with un-necessary political or other negative commentary. I do want to reply to the poster as I feel it just extends the (off-topic) argument. I...
  19. luxury-lizard

    Have you been impacted by the Ponant cancellations with no refund

    Just wondering how many other AFFer''s have been impacted by Ponant's sudden cancellation of all cruises worldwide from March 15 - after steadfastly insisting that all cruises would proceed as scheduled as late as the day before - also they offered no slack to customers wishing to cancel earlier...
  20. luxury-lizard

    SQ phone doesn't recognise my SQ FF number

    When trying to call SQ (Sydney Krisflyer number) today - every time I entered my SQ number it rejected it then hung up saying I had exceeded the maximum tries. Calling from Cape Town trying to change an award booking home after my cruise was cancelled with 2 days notice. Gave up - booked a...