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  1. AVC

    Propeller falls off Rex plane

    If the engine is at a high power level, and detatches, it's going forward, regardless of design. At least for a short time. I seem to recall an ACI episode where a 747 (cargo) had a pylon failure during climb out. The (inboard) engine took off (i.e. shot forward) but obviously once detached...
  2. AVC

    New US & UK Laptop/Tablet ban on up to 8 countries

    Yes, but you still have some minimum wage person staring at the screen. Well here's the thing. A phone (iphone 6 plus) has an approx 3000 mAh battery. An ipad 2? 7000 mAh. So it would only take 3 terrorist to combine their fake iphones to achieve a yield larger than an ipad bomb. It's a bit...
  3. AVC

    Ask The Pilot

    Was he referring to fuel economy or Economy Class? Anyone who complains about Y should do a Herc combat load.... those webbing seats..whew. I find being closer to the screws (or in a lot of cases these days, the azipods) is more stable, as they have the "bite"into the water. That's for pitch...
  4. AVC

    Everyday Rewards Targeted Offers

    My wife got an offer about 3 days ago to spend $200 and get either $50 in WW$ or 3024 QF points (an odd figure). Naturally we activated the points offer. Best points per dollar return on offer I've seen. And not even in one shop. Had about a 5 day window to shop in though. No such offers for my...
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    Ask The Pilot

    Bit of a late reply, but hey, I'm a busy man. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in over wing aircraft, like the Herc (C130), or Caribou will know that hearing protection is not an option. Having the engines slung under a low-wing model makes a huge difference. Which is why, if I fly whY...
  6. AVC

    Everyday Rewards Targeted Offers

    Hmm, I got the "double Woolworths Dollars" offer. The problem is, I still remember my maths teacher from waaaay back when saying to us "anything times nought is still nought!" (or in today's terminology, ZERO!)
  7. AVC

    Everyday Rewards Targeted Offers

    Well, I had a good look for orange sticker items and there were precious few, and certainly none on products that I normally buy. Heaps of specials (more than normal IMO). There was one bonus though. I have a client who needed new printer cartridges (the technologically challenged). By a stroke...
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    Number Plates

    Saw this one today. Coincidence? Either that, or he is a pilot, or ATC
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    Ask The Pilot

    Congratulations! A techie question about landing gear on the big jets. How many redundancies are there? And what is the "last line of defence"? Gravity? Or electric? Cheers
  10. AVC

    Where does your AFF username come from?

    Ditto. But my real nickname though.
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    Delta pilots land airplane despite severe damage from hailstones

    Oh, I'm sorry, forgot to add the "WARNING WARNING THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SARCASM" warning. Yes. Putting a Faraday cage in front of the radome will stop it (the radar) working. On another note... It seems that every time there is an aircraft disaster, the focus is on finding the "black boxes"...
  12. AVC

    Delta pilots land airplane despite severe damage from hailstones

    They should just construct the nosecone out of the same material as the engine cowlings, or the turbine blades. Problemo solved! Well, except for the windshield...
  13. AVC

    1st Visit to New York & Yes I am a Tourist

    All I can say is :( . That place is awesome
  14. AVC

    New Orleans

    Windsor Court Hotel. Technically in CBD but bordering the French Quarter. Best hotel around. Walk to most everything, or catch a pedal cab. The Steamboat Natchez is worth a go. Good music, good food, and a good bit of history.
  15. AVC

    Help requested - San Fransisco & Napa Valley

    Re: Help requested - San Francisco & Napa Valley What they ^^ said The drive via the Interstate is boring. Go via the coast road, but I don't recommend trying to do it on one day. A good halfway stop is Pismo Beach. And you visit the nearby Hearst Castle. It's worth a look. If you're going to...
  16. AVC

    Electronic arrivals at LAX

    The robots, errr machines can also lower themselves enough for a 120cm 8yo to be seen clearly by the camera.
  17. AVC

    I have a 747 parked in my garage at home...

    You know you could buy an entire 747 from Mohave for maybe 60K (that's what the one cost for the movie War of the Worlds). But then it's another quarter mill to move it. And that was just to Cali. Maybe you could just take the bits you need. They probably insist you take the whole thing...
  18. AVC

    Free Brickman Experience Sydney 27Jun - 12 July tickets

    According to my calculations, there is one left! And my daughter would love to go! (and I guess so would I, lol)
  19. AVC

    Wider middle seats

    An interesting concept to be sure. Surely the airlines would have data on which seats are requested the most, a wider middle seat could balance the demand. Problem is that "few inches" has to come from somewhere. And it can only come from the aisle (and there has to be a minimum there for...
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    Ask The Pilot