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    SQ Alliance - What is happening?

    I carry SQ Gold and have no problem getting miles on DJ flights into my Krisflyer account. Lounge access does not work if you are flying DJ out of NZ. Has anyone done the research on whether it is better to rack the miles up on SQ or DJ? I don't have much status on DJ so I stick with Sq for now.
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    Are A380's safe enough to fly? [hairline cracks found in wings]

    I am also a Professional Engineer with a healthy dislike of cracks where there are not supposed to be cracks. Having flown the SQ version of the 380 quite a number of times to me this is just another reason to avoid it. The biggest reason for me is that it is simply too big with too many...
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    Duty Free - Hong Kong/Singapore

    The last year or so I have been travelling back from Asia via SIN and they seem to fairly organised in getting your DF purchases to the gate after the final security check. Recently the DF shops in BKK would not sell me liquor. In BKK the 'major' security check was before one got to the shops...
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    Stolen Luggage - Worst airports?

    LAX is the worst - you just have to expect the stuff to be stolen. If you lock it up with a TSA lock they all have keys and that just tells them that there is something in there that you care about. And when you complain they all but ignore you. These days I have zipper closures and don't...
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    Will Melbourne get Rail link to Tullamarine

    Gotta say that the Shanghai train is a novelty that does not really take you anywhere. But the airport trains in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are great. So also are the trains at Zurich and Frankfurt. But plenty of others are pretty useless such as Singapore, Heathrow. Even the Sydney deal is...
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    Is Qantas having more incidents or has there just been more reporting of it?

    The question about SQ grounding 3 of their 380's and QF all of theirs intrigues me. I had the understanding that RR had a problem with this particular unit that they were aware of and were 'managing' by replacements on a gradual basis and SQ had already done more of their engines than QF. Or...
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    Star Alliance RTW Upgrades?

    At the suggestion of Ozbeachbabe I am putting this into a new thread. In a few weeks I am doing a Star Alliance Round World going to MIA then FRA and then back through Asia. Booked in economy I tried today to use miles (held with SQ) to upgrade parts of it. I was told by SQ today that both UA...
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    Planning for a Round the World Trip

    In a few weeks I am doing a Star Alliance Round World going to MIA then FRA and then back through Asia. Booked in economy I tried today to use miles (held with SQ) to upgrade parts of it. I was told by SQ today that both UA and NZ will only upgrade from Y or B class fares and my agent says...
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    Kitchen fault forces A380 superjumbo to turn back [SQ]

    I suspect that this would be the line put forward by the SQ word tinklers. But it seems to me that there would be isolating switches so that power to a galley area could be shut down to eliminate the safety issue. But this would never happen because SQ staff are completely brainwashed by the...
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    Which freq flyer program is better: Singapore or Thai ?

    This remains a conundrum to me. I still hold Gold on SQ and they still treat economy pax like lepers. Recently I used Thai for a SGN BKK return and I was unimpressed by the food offering in the TG lounge at BKK - I even went outside and bought some food because I knew that the short haul...
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    Which airport best to transit: FRA, LHR or CDG

    Of the three suggested FRA would be my choice. Trains+teutonic efficiency always works! But I would also consider ZCH with that huge underground shopping mall downstairs. There is even a Lindt and Sprungli restaurant down there!
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    New budget hotel in SIN

    For those talking about what is a budget hotel - Wotif quotes the IBIS on Bencoolen at S$150 and the Hotel 81 on Bencoolen at S$100. Last time I used an IBIS was at CDG airport and it was very basic with no character at all and I would not be rushing into using another one. Hotel 81 in...
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    Rest options at Singapore airport

    Another option is to spend S$12 on a taxi to the East Coast Park area where there are the famous seafood restaurants as well as other places to eat. Katong is also at nearby with many places including one restaurant (forgot the name) that seems to have a constant line-up outside!
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    Singapore Airlines and Flight Centre falling out ?

    I deal with two travel agents - one in Melbourne for about 15 years and one in Singapore (introduced to me by a client) for about 5 years. They both have the same sort of customer base - a few corporates that provide bulk and a bunch of SME's like me who suck up the same deals. And I find it...
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    Singapore Airlines and Flight Centre falling out ?

    I find it hard to reconcile people comparing FC to a competent and aware travel agent. To me they are a bucket shop and thats that. And whilst the fares on the SQ site might be pretty cheap you need to be aware that for multi destination bookings they are offering the cheapest fare with all...
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    Melbourne Drinks - 29th May

    Sorry guys - I am not going to make it. My Singapore client wants me for golf with a Japanese customer over the weekend and then some real work next week.
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    SYD Airport Hotel

    I try to avoid those overnight connections in SYD. I used the IBIS once on a Sunday night and they shut the restaurant at 2030. I used the Stamford once on a Saturday night and their signature restaurant was closed for a wedding!
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    Waitlisting on SQ award seats

    I notice that the OP Evan is largely in Singapore. I am not PPS but have a *A gold card from SQ and I have found that if award or paid waitlists are not moving the best thing is to take me and my card to Paragon and park myself in front of an SQ person to sort it out. The supervisors there...
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    Vietnam Visa Question - Single/Multiple Entry

    There are ATM's everywhere and in the centre of Saigon there are plenty belonging to ANZ and HSBC. At the airport on arrival there are none inside but if you go right as you leave they are at the end of the building around the corner and out of sight. The ATM's all issue in VN Dong.
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    Melbourne Drinks - 29th May

    I expect to be there. You might like to change the date in the calendar so that we can set reminders.