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    Lounge access LAX

    Husband and I are both velocity gold travelling with two young children (1 & 4) bne-lax-Bos soon on virgin Australia and virgin America (delta was not an option when we booked). It's my understanding VX is now same terminal as air Alaska, but we will not have access to air Alaska lounge (is...
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    Va7 bassinet?

    Hi everyone! With the refurbished planes on the VA Bne-Lax flights where is the bassinet now? We have sat in economy row 20 before and now alocated 21A,B,C for an upcoming flight with infant and child. Is 21 A-C a bassinet position now? Thanks!
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    Lounge access: I'm confused

    So I am VA gold traveling BNE-LAX Nov 20 on Virgin with my VA Silver husband and 2 kids (4years, 4mos). I think I read it right that the lounge we can access is Singapore lounge in BNE BUT that I only get 1 guest and my children are counted as guests? Does that mean we'd have to find someone to...
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    Long haul upgrade me points with infant on booking?

    We are flying later this year with our child and soon to be infant. We've already purchased the 2 adults and 1 child tickets and after the baby is born will add him/her to the booking. We we want to try and get an upgrade on returning flight lax-Bne (booked in flexi Econ) to business class...
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    Any promo codes for lax in nov-Jan?

    Are there any promo codes of %off booking flying Bne-lax in November/January?
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    Anyone else having problems with velocity booking site?

    I'm trying to look up points plus pay options for BNE-BOS return but the site won't advance passed the calendar grid view of dates (which all say available). Also it is telling me I cannot book Bne-Bos return route using currency only points or plus pay options! Is anyone else getting...
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    BNE-LAX-BOS RT what's a good fare?

    We are flying in November (returning Janurary) to Boston from Brisbane. 2 adults, 1 child (and will add infant after birth later this year). The price I'm getting online is approx $5600 - is this an OK price for 2 adults, 1 child? Should I just buy now to lock it in? I don't want to run the...
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    Reward PE + Flexi flight upgrade

    Hi All, I'm starting to think about my next family trip back to the States. I am Gold and my husband might be gold by then. We want to use points to travel in PE next trip and but wont have enough to buy all on pts (2 adults, 1 child and possibly 1 infant). My plan is to use points for 1 adults...
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    How long to get Gold status pack in mail?

    I achieved Gold status on 3 April, well they awarded it to me after my SC balance reached 490 after a flight on 1/04. On 3/04 I got an email saying I'd maintained silver (received same email 2 mos previous), but on logging into my account it does in fact say I have gold status. How long...
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    Using promo code, earn SCs

    If I use a promo code for 10% off the saver fare, does this 'promo fare' still earn status credits?
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    Did a sale end on 3/02??

    My 2yo son and I are going to join my husband for a business trip and we are going to book reward seats on points. My husband is claiming it was 28,600 points bne-mel return. The next day when i searched all i could find was exactly double, 57,200. Settle an argument for me was there a sale that...
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    Booking two flights on one itinerary ??

    Does anyone know if its possible for the call centre to book me two flights BNE-LAX, LAX-BOS return on one itinerary? The BNE-BOS (connecting in lax) points on velocity are higher than booking BNE-Lax reward seat, then LAX-Bos Any Seat. I was told not possible.
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    Booking on VA using points help please

    I have flown VA many times BNE-LAX paying for flights. We were gifted many pts by a relative and now have 600,000 to use to fly BNE-BOS for Christmas (2 adults, 1 unborn infant). Our dates are Dec 5- Jan 14. The online booking is showing no reward seats available and the points are totalling...