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    Best miles to use for PER-TYO with a (BKK) stopover

    I'm a frequent user of Lifemiles, and have a good stash of other FFP miles to use. I normally would just go all the way PER-TYO in J with LM but would like a night potentially in BKK. Anyone have any better suggestions for a one way awards that allows a free stopover? Alaska, United, AA etc?
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    Hilton Tokyo - ID stolen via Wifi (January 2016)

    During my last stay at the Hilton Tokyo (in January 2016) it seems that my ID was stolen via the Wifi so avoid using it if you can! Lost (temporarily) over 6 figures of cash over various family member accounts ��
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    Cairns Dinner Meet Number 2 (June 9th)

    Hello peeps. Swanning_it is back in CNS for a Friday dinner on June 9th. I'm free and the partner should be too. I'll say 7pm, location TBA currently. Anyone else keen?
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    Cairns meet up and dinner

    Hello! I've moved temporarily to CNS, for 3 months. I don't know anyone here and my job keeps me mostly out of town (Tues-Thurs only though!). So does anyone want to do dinner and maybe a few drinks somewhere? Thinking sometime when Swanning_it is in town too, as he seems to be around a bit...
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    Noise cancelling headphones- cheap Sennheiser PXC 550s

    Hi all, The PXC550 and cheap don't normally go together, but I just wanted to share that addicted to audio, a store in MEL and SYD apparently, have them for $468, a massive $200+ off the nearest local price, and cheaper than anything I could find in the USA, even before shipping ($400USD)...
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    Where to stay for Honshu/Japan ski trip

    Hello, I am thinking of changing up the ski trip for Jan 2018 and hitting Honshu rather than Hokkaido. We are big backcountry skiers but we will also have 2 relative newbies with us, if not more. We'll have a car for transport to and from some of the better BC areas but it would be nice to...
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    Macquarie Hilton Free Night

    Hi. Forgot I even had this card, applied when it was free for life last year. Haven't activated it yet so haven't made the spend, obviously. Anyone have any idea whether I would still be eligible for the free night if I make $2000? The T+C I found says 3 months of account opening but I was...
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    Where should I eat in Cairns

    Hello! I'm in Cairns catching up with the Squeeze but she's working tonight (and also new to Cairns). Any suggestions for dinner for me by myself the next 3 nights and anywhere else recommended? Thanks!
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    PER-BNE Red Eye- QF or VA

    Hello! Looking at heading to CNS in late Jan 2017 and the red eye via BNE on either VA (473) or QF (652) unfortunately suit me best. I can pay/bid/whatever to upgrade so assuming I get a J seat, which would you choose? Both seem to be currently 737s, I am not sure if there is a plan to change...
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    USA domestic to Alaska- buy miles?

    Hello! My brother and I will be entering the US for snow season next year. I'll be arriving into LAX and he will be in SEA. My thoughts are that I get to SEA and then spend a night there prior to a flight to Alaska (still deciding on Juneau or Anchorage). My question for the forum is what is...
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    VISA versus AMEX emergency cards

    I recently had the pleasure of being the victim of identity theft. (See the scam thread,p or feel free to ask if you have any questions). They used an apparently new tactic of mobile number porting to access bank accounts via apps/website without needing many passwords. They still need base...
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    Some Japan ski/snowboard backcountry tips thoughts and advice

    I don't really do photos, and can't be bothered with trip reports, but I figured others should benefit from the year of research that went into my epic 2 months Hokkaido back country trip, as there was a lot that I couldn't find online or had no current information for. In no particular order...
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    Singapore transit question

    Hi, Just wanted to guage other's ideas or thoughts on this one. I'm off from PER-SIN on Jan 5th at 0640-1130ish and off to NRT on ANA on Jan 6th at 0610. The two bookings are on separate tickets and I will have lots of luggage. I have a night booked at the Conrad. My question is about the...
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    In case of death...

    Hi. This is a bit of an odd one, but does anyone have a list of instructions in case of their death? Maybe some of it is included in the last will and testament (which I don't have yet), but more along the lines of getting someone to email your friends and AFF, clear out the FF accounts etc...
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    Need a reality check- long weekend in CPH

    Hi. I have 2 lifemiles redemptions that I was not planning on using because I don't want to take 3 weeks off. I was going to cancel both of them but then thought "why waste an F FRA-SYD on TG". So I looked up flights and can get a SIN-CPH direct J SQ on lifemiles, which would have very little...
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    Should I credit to BAEC?

    Hi. I'm currently QF SG and have just been comped another year, although on the 25th I have a J BKK-HND and Y HND-CTS booked which would have taken me over the line for my 31st Dec membership year. I also have the return flights J CTS-HND-BKK (don't ask me why the system booked me into Y for 1...
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    MH contingencies and TI info

    In light of the most recent MH tragedy the risk of a collapse seems significantly higher. My condolences go out to family and friends of the passengers and crew. Whilst I understand that this was an accident that could have happened to any airline, I think many around will be less forgiving...
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    Need some PER dinner partners

    Slightly different one here. Not really a single social event so I thought here would be a better place. Please move as appropriate. I am not a wine connoisseur but I do enjoy my degustations, especially those run as a special event. Between various mailing lists and the Entertainment book I...
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    Hilton App and discount codes

    Does anyone else use the iPhone app and find that they just get an error message when trying to use codes such as PR13CB? It happens on the HH app and the Hilton app itself and is really annoying. Also, I can't book the Tokyo Hilton on a prepaid rate with it as it just keeps looping through the...
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    Quick award help

    Hi. I rarely book QF awards but I have a PER-xSYD-NRT-xHKG-SYD return booked for next jan. The outbound to NRT is in J on QF and the return F on CX and J. Classic/partner award. I was wanting to leave earlier, possibly, but there are no spare award seats remaining. That's fair, it's ultra...