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    Etihad service in J. Anyone else disappointed?

    Also just had a J flight MEL-AUH-LHR - Melbourne Lounge no longer does the coughtail menu that they used to do and the food menu has been reduced. It is still a good selection but nothing like when it first opened. - No PJs were offered. When first asked, they said they don't do them anymore...
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    Lounge Access flying Alitalia + Alitalia FF program

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows a few things regarding Alitalia and their FF program. Firstly, I was a Alitalia 'Freccia Alata Plus' member (I think this is equvilant to Platinum?) which expired 3/17. I seemed to have dropped to 'Ulisse' level (Silver?). Does anyone know if I...
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    VA Status expiry

    Hi all, I have 2 questions: 1. I have been a VA Platinum member for 4 years, of which for 2 years running I earned over 2000 SC within the 12 month period (meaning I could gift platinum to someone). Unfortunately not much travel this year has seen me miss Platinum status re-qual. (290SC short...
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    Oneworld Status match

    Anyone know of any airline in Oneworld who would do a status match from Velocity Platinum?
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    AirCalin flight SYD-NOU lounge access

    Rant + Dilemma :(:(:( Recently got a new job and stupid work have really made a mess of an upcoming trip to New Caledonia...I need help ! Will be traveling Sydney to Noumea next month on QF metal but Aircalin ticket purchased thru Webjet. Don't get me started :evil::evil: So its a SB flight...
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    "The Business" on Coast to Coast - Amenity Kits?

    Re: VA Business class Update from flight on Monday SYD-PER in J. Have to say that I can not fault anything with the service or product. I have heard of little complaints here and there but honestly I think that's some people just complaining for the sake of it. Hands down the best domestic seat...
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    "The Business" on Coast to Coast - Amenity Kits?

    hi everyone, flying SYD-PER tomorrow with VA in J !! (little bit excited to finally see the new product!:D:D) Just wondering if they give out amenity kits in J now on the coast to coast service? From memory they don't?
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    Shipping belongings from USA to Australia

    Hi, I am seeking advice on the best way I could get stuff shipped from USA to Australia. I have been living over in the United States and will be returning back to Australia soon but was wondering how I could get my stuff from my apartment to Australia and roughly the cost and timing of...
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    VA 7 BNE-LAX Lounge access

    Hey guys Just a quick question. I am a regular on VA1 and 2 from SYD to LAX in J but for an upcoming trip on Wednesday, I will be connecting through BNE on VA 7. I have never traveled to BNE before and was after some advice from travellers who regularly go through the airport. I have a 2 hour...
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    IC stay london booked through agoda

    Thanks Markis! I couldn't turn down the 6000+ points I will bank for velocity over ambassador ! I have emailed them so guess wait and see! Hope it works!
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    IC stay london booked through agoda

    Just booked a stay at the end of the month at the IC London Westminster. I am a IHG Plat member but was going to sign up for ambassador for the room op-up. I made the booking through to get Velocity points but I couldnt add a hotel loyalty number nor does my reservation number work...
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    Virgin America V Delta for domestic US flights

    Hands down take VX No matter what American airline you choose, you will be disappointed with their lounges compared to Australian domestic lounges. They all suck. For that reason just get to the airport with enough time to check-in, go through security, have a look around the terminal and get...
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    How smart are they really?

    Ok we will put her EK number in. Again, if I signed up would they put it in my account or again do they only put it in the name of the passenger?
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    How smart are they really?

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions. 1. I have booked a trip for my mum for her 60th Birthday to Paris in May, she is flying Business class for the first time on Emirates the whole way (booked through emirates with an EK number, can't recall if its a QF codeshare, presume it would be) so yes...
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    Boston - Melbourne flight Virgin america and Virgin Australia

    Well I think you are in for a very nice trip! I can't actually say a bad word about any of my experiences flying VA or VX and I do SYD-ORD about 6x a year...VA J product is very good, comfy seat / bed for a sleep. Great cabin crew who are very friendly and always up for a chat and if traveling...
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    Boston - Melbourne flight Virgin america and Virgin Australia

    Hi EuroFlyer, If your ticket is all under one booking then yes it should go all the way through to Melbourne from Boston and yep you will be able to chill in the new F lounge at the TBIT! Much better than the ****ty VX Loft! I have a similar booking SYD-ORD return in J with VA and F with VX and...
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    Hotel required near O'Hare Chicago

    I don't know how much time you have in Chicago, but if you fly in at a reasonable time and leave at a reasonable time the following day, I would definitely suggest to go into the city for the evening and morning and stay at the IC downtown. Quite reasonably priced when booked well in advance and...
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    LAX Lounge Access question

    I have a VA flight SYD-LAX return in J with connecting flights on VX onto ORD. I will be traveling on VA1 which will land at 9:15am into TBIT. My connecting flight is on a VX flight out of T3 departing at 4:30pm, so I have a bit of wait! In the past the VX Loft lounge has been the only option...
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    IC Ambassador worth it?

    Cool, thanks for the advice! I think I will become an Ambassador member as I should qualify for RA within the year...(the 8am check-in is going to become very handy!) Thankfully a lot of my stays with IC will be in the US this year so hopefully points are coming my way! One other questions for...
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    IC Ambassador worth it?

    Hey guys, I have been a IHG Platinum member for while now, I like the program and stay a lot at either Holiday Inn's or Crowne Plaza. This year I am looking at most of my stays at Intercontinental Hotels and was wondering if becoming a IC Ambassador or Royal Ambassador is worth it even though I...