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    Linking complimentary lounge invitation to QF flight (Melb)

    Hi everyone, I was kindly transferred a lounge invitation, which I am trying to link to my Qantas flight which departs Thursday from Melbourne Tullamarine. I am following the quick guide on the Qantas website, but underneath the invitations part there is no option to link the invitation with my...
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    Westpac Visa Altitude points transfer?

    Hi everyone, just looking for some advice, I have a Westpac Altitude Platinum Visa card which is being blocked at the end of January. I have 200,000 points, and was wondering if I could transfer these to qantas frequent flyer points? I've been on the website, but it doesnt really make sense...
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    Qantas Lounge Hong Kong - How Early?

    Hi everyone, I'm flying on qf30 Hong Kong to Melbourne which leaves at 20:10, and I was wondering how long before my flight I could enter the Qantas lounge? I have 3 complimentary passes for myself and family. I was going to get there around 4.30? Many thanks. Scott
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    Westpac Black Altitude complimentary lounge pass

    Hi everyone, just a quick question, I have had this card for 2 years, and registered to receive 2 free lounge passes per year, but I have still never received any yet. I am going to give them a call Monday to enquire as to why, but thought I would check here first, maybe I am missing...
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    Point plus payment option?

    Hi everyone. First i'd like to say thanks for a great website, really is informative! I am asking this question on behalf of a friend, is it possible to book an airfare with say half frequent flyers and half cash? I thought this was an option, but cant find it on Qantas' website? I see there...