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    Moving Seats Etiquette

    This reminds me of the time I accidentally left some money in the front pocket (locked) of my suitcase and checked it in for a flight in Busan, Korea, only to collect it in Seoul with the front flap flapping in the breeze and the cash missing! On topic, regarding the article, and the comments...
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    Moving Seats Etiquette

    On QF7 last week in Y I had a curious situation arise, I wondered what people think. Light load, as usual for long haul Y either before or just after the seatbelt sign went off many pax moved around into vacant seats/rows. Lucky for me, I wss one of two people in the middle row of 4 on the...
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    Recommendations BNE to DFW via SYD or LAX?

    My original thought - how do I avoid it? Thus the LAX connection idea. However, I decided I don't need the stress for 13 hours on the flight to LAX waiting to see if we arrive on time or not. Recent arrival times for QF15 are all over the shop and 3 out of 7 were more than 15 minutes late. At...
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    Recommendations BNE to DFW via SYD or LAX?

    Thanks both Daver6 & justinbrett, for your feedback on the trip, and the opinions about the 787 vs 380. This is what I love about this site! Via SYD it is. Cheers peakhour
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    Recommendations BNE to DFW via SYD or LAX?

    QFF Faithful I'm heading to Dallas from Brisbane this weekend on Qantas. I've 2 options - to go via LAX on the 787 or via SYD on the 380, both in Y. Departure time is similar 9:05AM vs 10:10AM and arrival is also similar around 1PM. Catch is both have tight transit's, <2hrs in SYD and 2hrs...
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    Transfer to Krisflyer from Westpac Altitude Rewards

    I just got off the phone with Krisflyer who told me that it will take 2 to 4 weeks for the points I transferred 3 days ago to hit my account?!? Has anyone had experience transferring from Altitude to Krisflyer and how long did it take?
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    Miracles do happen: op-up on SQ!

    I got an op-up 2 weeks back sin to bne from y to j as a VA SG. Not the same as J to F but still, in over 100 SQ flights (most as SQ SG) it was the first op-up and very welcome indeed!
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    Qf syd dom - int 1:05 tfer

    For sure. How does Joe Public know that though? The airline should not be putting the pax in the situation where the chance of missing the connection is so high. It's easy for us all to sit here and say so having had the experience. Surely in 2017 a customer can expect just a little...
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    What is the attraction of lounges?

    Agree. Example the much maligned kfeg lounges in Singapore. I don't love them and sometimes bypass them. However this week I will pass through Changi 4 times including one stopover for 7 hours, and I was there last week. The terminals don't hold much interest, and often either I have work to...
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    Minimum layover time for a city visit

    I've done a sunlight stopover in Singapore many many times on the way through. Land between 3-3:30pm, through immigration, taxi to Clarke Quay. Back to Changi T2 by 7:30pm with plenty of time to spare for 8:25pm departure. All SQ on a single ticket of course. Bit of sunshine and is a welcome...
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    Qf syd dom - int 1:05 tfer

    Thanks All So at the least we all agree, publishing a fare with a 65 minute connection is ambitious at best. As I mentioned, no complaints re the service, I was put onto the earlier connecting flight when I asked. Which I only knew to do, since I have done BNE-SYD-SOMEWHERE a few, maybe 15...
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    Qf syd dom - int 1:05 tfer

    Yes I had to arrive in Tokyo this morning for a meeting later today and other commitments meant I had to depart after yesterday's 10:55AM direct flight so the connection via Sydney was most practical to meet my schedule. Am taking the direct flight home.
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    Qf syd dom - int 1:05 tfer

    Thanks for the info, yes all one PNR BNE-HND via SYD booked on QF website.
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    Qf syd dom - int 1:05 tfer

    Hi All I just did the domestic to international transfer in Sydney again last night on my way to Tokyo. This time I had someone book it for me online and they selected a connection that had only 1:05hrs between flights. Apparently the other option available was 2:05hrs (what I would...
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    A sad goodbye to M*****0 (passport expiry)

    139 stamps/visas in my full Nxx_xx_x that I renewed yesterday after 4.5 years. I'll miss the easy to remember number for sure when filling out departure amd arrival cards!
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    Indonesia Visa Free for Business Meeting?

    Hi All I am visiting Indonesia (Surabaya) for the first time next week. I read the visa information for Australian passports online, and it's not spelled out clearly whether visa free status applies to business trips of less than 30 days. I rang the consulate and they said as long as I have...
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    RTW VA/VS $4k in Biz?

    Parentals booked this yesterday through FC. From BNE departing mid August for a 3 week holiday I think it worked out to something like $3900 pp. Meanwhile my next trip is BNE-SUB in economy for work...
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    Family Pooling Fail

    No I didn't make any mistake with the address, not sure where you got that idea. And as I said, there is no way to update both accounts at the same time, so it's not the users fault that the system is lacking the required functionality.
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    Family Pooling Fail

    I would argue that the wording is not factual, per se, as our address is the same and we had not breached the terms and conditions in reality, save for updating the details in the second account. As said in the post, I already updated the details. I'm not intending to write to Velocity about...