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  1. winetraveller

    Tallinn, Estonia

    I've spent quite a bit of time in Tallinn over the last few years and have some very good friends there now. I just spent the last couple of weeks there and love the place. My favourite place to eat is "the Hell House Hunt", especially on a cold day, they do awesome soup and brew their own beer.
  2. winetraveller

    QANTAS - upgrade to FIRST class

    Now their are cheese burgers and their are Cheese Burgers, and this wasn't one of the better ones. The other two choices were OK, but the GF doesn't like garlic or onions, and as she was meeting me at the other end, a big smooch was more important that not having the cheese burger. I have to...
  3. winetraveller

    QANTAS - upgrade to FIRST class

    My recent experience is that op ups are getting more common. I recently had to fly back to Australia in a hurry for personal reasons. Using LH points I was able to to fly F on UA back to Australia, but there were no business or First seats available on the return flight (for award redemption)...
  4. winetraveller

    Melbourne Tullamarine - third world airport with a third world airline (VN)

    After a rather convoluted trip back from Australia on Friday, I landed at JFK, with one hop left before getting home to Boston. I had just flown from SFO to JFK as I could not get on a direct flight to BOS. I then hopped on the last Jetblue flight which was due to depart at 10.57. Boarding was...
  5. winetraveller

    Qantas now offering cash upgrades!

    I won't. I'm not going to risk the chance of having to fly in coach if I don't have to. I'll fly less direct routes, and varied airlines. Mind you I don;t fly QF anymore anyway.
  6. winetraveller

    Boston Bushfire Fundraiser

    Yesterday we had our fundraiser, and as a result have raised in excess of USD$50,000. To those that helped me with contacts, thank-you. We were amazed by response. I have to say it makes Qantas' AUD$100,000 look a little shabby.
  7. winetraveller

    Boston Bushfire Fundraiser

    I grew up very close to some of the worst of the fires. we have many friends who have lost homes, and several people still unaccounted for. But that's another story...... Myself and a group of Australian's based in New England are organizing a wine tasting fund raiser for Saturday the 21st. We...
  8. winetraveller

    Drive-By Pick-Up Penalty at Sydney International

    I had a very bad tempered State Trooper on friday. I was picking up the GF at a frigid Logan (Boston). As it was about 4F (-15c) I parked in the cell phone lot and she called me when she landed. I then drove to Terminal C, and called her as I was approaching so that she didn't have to stand...
  9. winetraveller

    US Airways flight crashes in New York

    ABC is reporting that he tried to get to Teterboro, which is a private airport near the Hudson in Jersey, but decided that he wouldn't make it and headed back to land on the Hudson. Amazing job. Just watching some amazing footage of the passengers standing on the wings waiting to be taken off.
  10. winetraveller

    US Airways flight crashes in New York

    It looks like the passengers and crew were able to stand on the wings, or transfer quickly to boats so hopefully were able to stay dry. It's currently about -10c in Boston and not much warmer in NYC so I really wouldn't fancy having to swim to shore in the Hudson.
  11. winetraveller

    US Airways flight crashes in New York

    Amazingly they are towing it to the shore by attaching a tug to it. Appears everybody is safe.
  12. winetraveller

    US Airways flight crashes in New York

    US Airways flight 1549 from La Guardia to Charlotte crashed in the Hudson a short while ago. I'm currently watching it on TV and the plane is still afloat, and it appears that all got off safely. Initial reports are that it was as a result of a bird strike. Made my heart stop for a...
  13. winetraveller

    My famous luggage......

    I think that would depend on the percentage. I can see it now, something along the lines of "A weekend at Bernies".
  14. winetraveller

    My famous luggage......

    One of the local TV stations here in Boston just ran a news article on theft from baggage at Boston. They showed TSA personnel going through bags, one of which looked familiar. My Rimowa Lufthansa signature edition. OK so you say how can I tell? Firstly I know it very well, and I know...
  15. winetraveller

    Entry into USA

    Every time I see one I think it's probably a fake.
  16. winetraveller

    The totally off-topic thread

    Re: The next set of (fun?) questions... 21. That's a hard one. Usually only Champagne as most wine in both J and F isn't all that good. Cognac. Beer in the Caribbean. 22. Not sure 23. Pointless, an end to life as we know it. 24. Dependent on a few factors, but generally pretty well. My big...
  17. winetraveller

    Off to the snow, oops, I meant Seattle

    I would doubt that there are only 100 ploughs. Here in Massachusetts the local authorities supplement their equipment with contractors who own a truck big enough to lift a blade. Last week when we had our storm and the majority of the clearing work is done by these guys. If you are driving on...
  18. winetraveller

    Travel into Pakistan

    Can't impart anything specifically about Pakistan, but I can recommend this company. A member of our board spent a while living in Moscow, and was under threat of kidnap for various reasons. This is the company he used. They are UK based but may well be able to do Pakistan. Bodyguard...
  19. winetraveller

    Off to the snow, oops, I meant Seattle

    As I look out the window I see huge mountains of the stuff. Most of it I shoveled off the sidewalk (sorry the pavement) and our driveway. Unfortunately when you look closely its brown and melting. Merry Christmas to all.
  20. winetraveller

    Bali Hotel Suggestions

    St Regis Bali, awesome hotel. St Regis Bali Hotels: The St. Regis Bali Resort - Hotel Rooms at