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  1. erkpod

    Large change fee for sporting club affected by bus smash

    This weekend, the Adelaide Adrenaline team in the Australian Ice Hockey League were due to play games in Canberra & Sydney. On the way to the game today at Canberra, one of the team buses rolled after leaving the road. Several players & staff & the bus driver were taken to hospital for...
  2. erkpod

    MEL Bears Icehouse roadtrip 28 June - July 2

    After my current Northern Hemiwander, I'll be in Melbourne 28 June - 2 July. My first matter of business is watching the Sydney Bears play the Melbourne Ice (Saturday, 5pm) & Melbourne Mustangs (Sunday, 4pm) in the Australian Ice Hockey League at the Icehouse. Apart from that, I'm open to...
  3. erkpod

    Erk's Northern Hemiwanderer, June 2014

    From the guy who brought you near time travel reports Erk's Pacamerican Circle & Erk To WPerth earlier in 2014, here starts my last big trip of the year. Part of the trip was planned to take advantage of the VA DSC offer late last year. My original plan was Japan via Singapore until someone or...
  4. erkpod

    WP Progress Dashboard

    I'm newly a WP (still awaiting card) and received an email this afternoon about a new feature called a Progress Dashboard. It gives you a visual guide to see how you are going at requalifying WP based on SC & required sectors. Is this new? Is it a thing other levels get also? Pic from the...
  5. erkpod

    Erk To WPerth

    After falling 145 SC short of WP on my last trip at the start of the year, I decided to take advantage of a DSC offer and get over the WP line before I head off to Europe in June. However after learning some tips on AFF & coupled with my love of flight, my plan isn't a simple SYD - PER - SYD...
  6. erkpod

    VA/DL Competition "Australia Someday" for Americans

    VA have just announced online that in conjunction with DL & Tourism Australia, they are running a competition for Americans to come to Australia. 52 X 1 week experiences are being given away. I can't find anything yet on their website but it has been Facebooked & tweeted by VA. It would be...
  7. erkpod

    Original Route Credit on VA & Partners?

    Just got a reply from VFF Retro in relation to my retro claim for Original Routing Credits while in America. I was originally booked on DL from SEA - SLC - PHX. Because my previous leg operated by AS ALW - SEA was cancelled, I could not make any of the DL sectors. I realise that AS metal...
  8. erkpod

    VA to Japan?

    My biggest bugbear with VA/VFF is that they don't fly direct or codeshare with anyone who does between Australia & Japan. I know the chances of VA going direct are next to nothing & I don't know if they'd codeshare with someone like JAL. I'll be returning home from America via Japan on SQ in...
  9. erkpod

    Checking In & Boarding UMs

    Today I was checking in with VA at CBR heading home to Sydney in the Priority check-in line. In front of me was a lady with a rather large box but that's another question for another thread. In front of her was a guy with a small kid (probably 5 - 7 years old). They were at the only open...
  10. erkpod

    "A Frequent Flyer Meetup On A Train?" (SYD - CBR - SYD, December 2013)

    Where's a good place for AFF types? Meeting on a plane itself might not be the best way. Bars & lounges seem to be the way to go and that's exactly what 30 odd AFFers did ... by train. By train? What??? That's exactly what we did! The plan was a leisurely train ride from Sydney to Canberra...
  11. erkpod

    How much have you flown in 2013?

    I was just looking through the AFF Flight Tracker & was wondering how much people have flown this year. In 2013, I'll be landing on 25 segments with a total of 48266 km including the flight back from Canberra for the train trip weekend after next. This was with a lot of domestic US sectors on...
  12. erkpod

    VA Flight Specials app (iOS) not working

    Does anyone else here have the same problem I am having with the VA Flight Specials app on iOS? I am running iOS7 on a 4S & have upgraded the app to the latest version. I can't get past the red screen at the front which shows "Synchronizing Alert Subscriptions". I have deleted cookies etc on...
  13. erkpod

    Itchy Feet Between Trips

    When do your feet start to get itchy after a trip? Obviously everyone's answers will be different & will depend on how often you travel & why you travel. Or do you travel/fly that often that you don't have time between flights/trips to miss travel?
  14. erkpod

    VFF points/SC now available on Vincent Aviation (DRW or CNS to GTE vv)

    Looking around the VFF site, Velocity points & SC are now available for trips to/from GTE to either DRW or CNS while flying on Vincent Aviation. There's 1 Velocity point per mile & 10 SC per flight. Earn Velocity Points on Vincent Aviation flights* | Vincent Aviation
  15. erkpod

    Nat Geo Dubai Airport Tv Show

    Ultimate Airport Dubai - why blur the plane's website? I'm currently watching Ultimate Airport Dubai on Nat Geo. On the episode I watched last night, they took delivery of an Emirates A380 & were flying it to Dubai. In that episode, they'd taken us inside the Emirates B777 cabin simulator &...
  16. erkpod

    VA plane incident at CBR 23/9 - storm in a tea cup?

    No Cookies | VIRGIN Australia and Canberra Airport have attempted to play down an incident this morning when passengers complained a plane "slammed" its brakes to avoid a collision with another plane landing. The Sydney-bound plane, carrying 43 people, was taxiing on the...
  17. erkpod

    What travel, aviation & other related apps do you use?

    Apart from the AFF app, which travel, aviation & other related apps do you use? There's a lot of apps out there so I thought I'd ask which ones get your tick of approval. When mentioning apps, it would be handy to mention your OS platform & if the app is a free or paid one if there are 2...
  18. erkpod

    Sydney - Mudgee in 5 minutes!

    When did Brindabella buy a Concorde to do Sydney - Mudgee in 5 minutes as viewed tonight on a couple of apps?
  19. erkpod

    What makes me happy...

    Given a continuing conversation thread on the Totally Off Topic thread, I thought I'd ask the question: What makes you happy? Who knows, you might find someone who has a shared interest that you didn't know. I'll start. What makes me happy (in no particular order): Travel Exploring new...
  20. erkpod

    Bigsound & Brisvegas is Gold, Man (September 2013)

    Fresh from the Festival of Erk in Melbourne last month, I'm off to Brisvegas for a music conference/showcase, amongst other things. I'm now SG on VA but my card hasn't arrived yet. I'm flying up today (Tuesday 10 September) & will be back on Sunday. I know the lack of a Gold VFF should not be a...