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    2019 - The year in flight

    It's been an interesting year. Sectors: 48 Distance: 97,581 miles New airline: JL, QR, CX, KA, QF*EK New aircraft: A350, A320neo New airports: HND, DOH, PEK, PER, DUD, CHC, MNL, ATL, TPA Shortest flight: CDG-LHR (216 miles) Longest flight: LAX-MEL (7,936 miles) Best new experience: QR J
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    Business class travel agents/booking services

    Have you seen the tickets he gets up to? That's why!
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    Qantas First Lounge First World Issue + First Post

    It's not that this thread isn't about a poor Qantas experience or it being a gentle complaint that makes it strange to many. It's the offered compensation, the usual rigmarole is QF lowballs what they think is fair and then you have to coax them up. A lot of people would doubt that QF had...
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    Lounge Meets September 2019

    This was a mix of getting whatever availability was available to get to me to GVA 1-2 weeks out from departure and maximising a 280k award.
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    Lounge Meets September 2019

    Looks like I'll miss you in PEK by 6.5 hours but will bump into you at HKG. A bit of a late one but here are me flights for September Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comments 5/9 QF401 SYD JLounge 06:00 0 5/9 QF35 MEL FLounge 16:30 1 Guest must be traveling on OW...
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    Travelling from CBR to SIN today? I need your help (13 August)

    Have you checked what options are available with DHL/FedEx/Courier? Have you checked with DFAT or the consulate in SIN for options?
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    AFF Gathering #13 in SYD on 18 - 20 October 2019

    Pop me down as platinum, shouldn't be too hard to get to this one as I'm local lol
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    VA DSC Dunedin Run

    How far out did you get that email? I'm doing this run on Sunday 30/06/19, was tempted to hire a car and park it in the airport parking lot and sleep in that for a few hours lol.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    The limit is not being enforced. Bankstown is more stringent about GC being paid for by GC.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    If anyone is still looking for these cards, Bankstown still has a ton of these left. I should mention that self serve will direct you to a counter to purchase giftcards here. And whether they will accept eGC or regular GC will be up to how informed the register operator is, some will be like a...
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    The Uber GCs come in $25 and $50 denominations. The uber gift cards? No, those are voucher numbers that get activated when you purchase them, so can only be used with Uber.
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Was thinking more along the lines of why on earth would the store even considering doing such a transaction. As for discounts and time saved, if they really wanted 10000 cards they would've been much better off dealing with someone who specifically deals with visa/mc giftcards. Fees should be...
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Well I guess 1 million dollars plus in turnover will give them bargaining power with merchant fees lol
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    How is this even possible. I've yet to see a single store stock more than 50 cards let alone 10000!
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    No, it's just each employee imposes their own policy. Had a self-serve minder help me try and process 10 when they did that promo, only to be over-ruled by the person behind the service desk (said I could only buy 4) to only then be over-ruled by the store manager (who said I can buy 5 per...
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    Amex and EA agreement ending

    My professional body has confirmed that this change was initiated by AMEX and the writting is on the wall in regards to the $950 staying the same. Does not look good and more than likely that AMEX will revise the fee to normal at the next renewal.
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    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    So how does Regional Express get away with not offering a fee free option as well as not disclosing the internet booking fee in the advertised price online?
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    Does Rex ever have sales?

    I'd have to agree, the timing at which the XPT leaves Wagga is horrible, not to mention the train is constantly late. The last time I caught the XPT Albury to Sydney the train was 30mins late! The last time I caught that XPT it was 10mins late out of Melbourne Southern Cross...
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    Does Rex ever have sales?

    Might inform AMEX (my CC provider) of what happened as well. Probably get a quicker response that way if I dispute the charge lol. My receipt does say $X not $X+cc fee.
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    Does Rex ever have sales?

    It's a good thing you brought that up. I just had a look at my CC invoice and it seems I was slugged a 3.6% CC surcharge for my ticket. This was after I specifically asked if there were any booking fees and if there was a CC fee and the agent said no, the price that they saw was $241.30 and even...