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    Changing one part of a return trip?

    I've got an upcoming trip booked and I want to push the return flight back by one day. However I've tried to change the return flight and can only find options to change both the outbound and return flights simultaneously. I'd like to avoid that because the outbound flight has jumped by $150...
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    PER-SYD Upgrade waitlist?

    Travelling for work, so that wasn't an option unfortunately.
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    PER-SYD Upgrade waitlist?

    Hmmm... at $10/month that's actually not a bad idea as a one-off! Thanks for that! The notification I got just said 4 hours prior to departure so it's nice to know that's the minimum time, not typical time. Really hoping this upgrade comes through, I've been gold for close to 2 years and this...
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    PER-SYD Upgrade waitlist?

    What's the best way to check for award availability to open?
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    PER-SYD Upgrade waitlist?

    I'm flying PER-SYD on the a330 in 2 weeks. Just put in a points upgrade request and got waitlisted. I checked the seating availability on BCD Travel and there's a tonne of availability. What are the odds of getting upgraded if I'm only VA Gold? Also I notice that the waitlisted people get...
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    Economy X for BNE-ADL - Worth it?

    Pay for it on the flight there, see if you think it's worth it and then decide if you buy it on the way back?
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    SYD - Sacramento (SMF) advice booking and in general

    SYD-HNL-SMF is 17h40m with HA SYD-LAX-SMF is 17h43m with VA/DL
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    SYD-LAX on DL or VA metal?

    I flew DL metal, VA codeshare and was also directed to the skyteam lounge by the checkin staff and then entered with no problems
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    Status Credits on Delta Comfort+

    I've asked this question in the comments of a previous thread, but I'm going to ask again in a separate thread after finding more information. How do paid comfort+ upgrades get credited in terms of points+status? Going to the end of the booking process and reading the T&Cs I find > "Upgraded...
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    Shanghai with Virgin

    I'm travelling to Shanghai soon and am having difficulty booking flights. I'll be in the US first so I'm flying Delta to the US and then again from the US to Shanghai. I want to fly Hong Kong Airways to HKG and then Virgin back to Sydney. My issue is that I can't seem to book a one-way PVG-SYD...
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    VA Double Status Credits Promo coming this week (20 May)

    I note that the offer says you need to put your VA FF number in at booking - does that mean flights booked via my work travel agent won't be eligible?
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    Status credits on Delta comfort plus

    Yep, that's what I figured. Unfortunate :(
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    Status credits on Delta comfort plus

    Are you certain about this? I'm flying SYD-LAX in discount economy on Delta metal (albeit, Virgin codeshare) for work. I don't care too much about economy vs comfort+, but 80 extra status credits for ~$200 is a bargain if this is legit - I'd heard that the paid comfort+ upgrade just swaps your...
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    Status credits on flights booked via government agencies

    I have some upcoming travel that I can book through either my employer or a government agency. I know that any public servants can't collect points, nor can they use them to upgrade or anything, but they are allowed to collect status credits - Frequently Asked Questions - Airlines and Travel...
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    Veterans to receive Priority Boarding & "thank you for your service"

    So? It would be very different if our vets were conscripted, but these people have willingly signed up knowing the risks. Also, putting oneself at harm (i.e. time spent in combat) is an absolutely minimal part of serving in the ADF in 2018.
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    Veterans to receive Priority Boarding & "thank you for your service"

    There's other ways to serve your country though. How many construction workers are killed or maimed on the work site? How many paramedics suffer from PTSD as a result of what they see on a daily basis? What's the suicide rate amongst healthcare workers? I would argue that all of these...
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    Veterans to receive Priority Boarding & "thank you for your service"

    Surely this is a Virgin initiative though? Unless the government is paying Virgin for it... in which case I simply don't have words
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    Veterans to receive Priority Boarding & "thank you for your service"

    Who do I write to to complain about this? It's one of the most tokenistic, patronising ideas I've ever heard. Even ignoring all criticisim of the ADF (I have plenty) if they really cared about veterans they'd do something useful like a donation to a support group. The rates of mental health...
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    Velocity Honors Status Match

    I applied for my HHonors status in April... only got an email confirming it last week.
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    Are free upgrades a thing of the past?

    I'm flying Etihad economy tonight out of SYD and when I checked in there was barely any line. I'm VA gold so I got to check in at the business counter (3 open counters with no passengers at them) and got chatting to the bloke at the desk. He mentioned that first class is empty and business is...