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  1. upupandaway

    Unable to link General Lounge Pass to QF9 PER-LHR

    Hoping anyone has any experience or can advise why I am unable to link a general complimentary lounge pass to any QF lounge in PER T3 or T4 prior to QF 9 PER-LHR (cash fare in Y). Ticket originates in PER. I have multiple general lounge passes available and within expiry date, but when I click...
  2. upupandaway

    How can I get QFF to correct PER-DOH miles for classic awards?

    I'm quite keen to take advantage of J and F classic awards which seem readily available on the QR Airbus 380 from Perth to Doha. However, the points on QF website suggest the sector is classified as zone 7 (50,000 in Y, 92,000 in J, 134,000 in F). This sector is 5,789 nautical miles here...
  3. upupandaway

    Double Status Credits on QF Operated Flights. Book 9/8/18-14/8/18 for travel 21/8/18 to 8/8/19

    I haven't received an email, and not sure if this is targeted offer, but potentially another DSC offer coming this week? Book August 9-14, for travel August 21, 2018 to August 8, 2019... Here is the link=:) Frequent Flyer - Member Specials - Double Points offer
  4. upupandaway

    JQ starter plus SC's not counting towards loyalty bonus anymore :(

    Hi i've mentioned this in the QF forums, but maybe this is a better place to post. Ever since the recent QF website upgrades of 2017, status credits earned on JQ fares are not counting towards the 500 SC loyalty bonus. This issue has affected all members of my family who have earned JQ starter...
  5. upupandaway

    Confused over infants and QFF Classic Rewards

    I'm a little confused about the rules for infants when booking QFF classic rewards in J (EK metal): For 1 adult: PER-DXB-CDG (return) 224,000 points $1307.20 taxes For 1 adult and 1 infant added at the time of booking PER-DXB-CDG, the price is the same - 224,000 points and $1307.20. Normally I...
  6. upupandaway

    PER-EZE in J route options

    Anyone have any thoughts/experience/suggestions re:routing for paid travel PER-EZE in J for 2 adults, 1 infant Nov 2015? These are the options as I see it: 1. PER-SYD-SCL (QF), SCL-EZE (LA), direct and quickest routing I can find on OW) 2. PER-SYD (QF), SYD-AKL-SCL-EZE (LA), new B787 for the...
  7. upupandaway

    trans pacific stopover

    Hi Everyone I have a trip to South America coming up: MEL-SYD-PPT-IPC-SCL-SYD. The final leg of the journey is booked on LA801 SCL-SYD. This plane stops in AKL and I wish to travel with some friends in New Zealand for a few weeks. Howver, I have received conflicting reports about whether...