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    Interesting article on the use of predictive analytics by AMEX

    I spotted the following article about the use of predictive analytics by AMEX in Asia Pacific - Amex expands predictive analytics platform - Software - Technology - News - . Given what appears to have been quite a shedding of cardholders in the past year, especially amongst AFF'ers...
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    InterContinental Hotels a possible bidder for Mantra Group

    An interesting article at Suite talk is all positive - would certainly help arrest the current decline of properties for IHG in Australia and I'd imagine would lead to the introduction of the Candlewood and Staybridge brands into Australia as well. I guess we'll see soon enough whether or not...
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    More International destinations with One-Way fares?

    I just noticed with the current Grand Prix sale fares that fares to Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo are now available for purchase one-way rather than just as return fares. Not sure if this was the case before but it's the first time I've seen it for these destinations. Is this...
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    Everyday Rewards Card - 20,000 bonus points - $89 fee

    Everyday Rewards Credit Card - 20,000 bonus points - $89 fee Just received the following link with my Everyday Rewards Card quarterly statement - Woolworths Everyday Rewards credit card Apply Now - 20,000 bonus points on first spend. $89 Annual fee is charged though, but still pretty good value...
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    HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/06/12

    I just noticed that HSBC has increased their bonus points from 10,000 to 20,000 for their Platinum Qantas Credit Card. It looks like it runs until the 31st of March at this point. Full details can be found at HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card | HSBC Australia - for those that don't have QP access...
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    Fly Buys Docket Deals

    I was just in Coles last night and at the bottom of the receipt there was a couple of extra deals for earning bonus Fly Buys points (one was 300 points for $25 worth of meat or fish and the other was for triple Fly Buys points). I noticed the following link provides more details -...
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    Garuda - SYD/MEL-AMS from $1034 in Y and $3743 in J

    I just received an email from Garuda with some very competitive pricing through to Amsterdam for next year. It does mention in the small print that seasonal surcharges apply, so I'd imagine the lowest price is only available in the FEB/MAR timeframe. Yes, it is Garuda still, so not a desired...
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    Garuda SYD/MEL-CGK from $589 per person + other destinations

    Received the following details in an email from Garuda Indonesia - might be of interest to some depending on their destination: Ex Sydney Ex Melbourne Jakarta $608* $589* Bali $608* $869* Kuala Lumpur $734* $714* Singapore $740* $721* Bangkok $742* $722* Canton $880* $860* Hong Kong...
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    Woolworths Everyday Rewards Qantas Credit Card

    I noticed on the ACCC website the following tidbit of information - HSBC Bank Australia Limited - Notification - N94913 - So does anyone else know details about the card? It doesn't appear as an option on the Everyday Money site yet, but I guess it will soon. If the points are right I'm...
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    AMEX Charge Cards - get up to $400 Ticketmaster Voucher (Exp: 3 Dec 2010)

    I noticed this offer at American Express® - it's not particuarly inspiring compared to others out there, but may be of interest to someone. The core details are: The American Express® Card Receive a $100 Ticketmaster voucher after your first $3,000 spend in the first 3 months. The...
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    CitiBusiness promo points offer

    I received a card in the mail today from Citibank with a bonus points promo for my CitiBusiness card. Basically, if spending $7,000 or more between 15 August and 15 October then it earns 4,000 bonus points. Nothing earth shattering, but it's the first time in about three years that I've received...
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    New Bonus Partners for AMEX Platinum Charge and Centurion Cards

    Just noticed on the AMEX Platinum Charge website that the following bonus partners have been added, earning 5 points per dollar until the end of the year - see for more details.
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    Qantas American Express Discovery Card

    My wife just got a flyer in the mail to apply for the new Qantas American Express Discovery Card - doesn't appear to be on the AMEX website yet, but basically it's got no annual Card fee for the life of the card (the good side) and it earns 0.75 points per dollar spent (the not so good side)...
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    2000 Bonus points for adding supplementary card holders

    I've noticed since yesterday that ads have been popping up for me on the American Express website, variously offering 2000 points for adding supplementary card holders to my Platinum Credit Card or my Gold Charge Card, and both with no additional annual fees. Might be worth taking a look if...
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    Transfer 50,000 points to Velocity, get Gold Status

    I just received a postcard from AMEX, basically if you transfer 50,000 points to Velocity before 28th February 2010 you also get Velocity Gold Status or if you transfer 20,000 points you get Velocity Silver Status. Not too shabby if you were going to transfer anyway, especially given Gold...
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    3 Bonus Points per dollar with Citi Rewards

    Just noticed at,rewards,do that there's now 3 bonus points per dollar for the bonus partners. Some interesting partners on the list now, including JB Hi-Fi and the Intercontinental...
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    New Bonus points partners until 31/3/2010

    I just noticed that there's new bonus points partners available at the moment if you go to Earn Bonus Rewards Points - American Express Australia. Interesting to see 2 bonus points per dollar on purchases and 3 bonus points per dollar on V Australia purchases - except for those...
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    Platinum Credit Card - 20,000 points sign-up bonus

    Just noticed there's a sign-up bonus of 20,000 points available for the Citibank Platinum if you sign up at Citibank Australia - certainly worth a look for some people given the changes happening with pretty much every other card vendor at the moment anyway.
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    1000 points for 5 transactions

    Just checked my Membership Rewards account and noticed a couple of notations of "Bonus 1,000 points for 5 transactions" - looks like it commenced from the start of this month. Don't have any more details at this point and haven't received anything in the mail. I haven't registered for...
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    Garuda SYD-CGK return $650 Econ, $1200 Business

    Just noticed that Garuda has some pretty cheap fares for the new SYD-CGK service they've just commenced. The economy class fares are around $650 return (a bit less on and others no doubt) but more surprisingly is the business class fares for under $1200 return. Given the new...