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  1. pmdg7444

    Cant book Amex Velocity Comp flight

    looking to use the benefit and then ditch the card. can't get around this error. Tried the whole schbang, different PCs, browsers, deleted cookies. And conveniently, cant book via chat or phone. ONLY using the website. :rolleyes: pls, any workarounds? Unfortunately you are currently...
  2. pmdg7444

    SYD-AKL LATAM J class rtn $606 AUD

    Usual Z class j cabin excursion on LATAM to AKL has returned. Works out cheaper when bought as 2 o/ws SYD-AKL $343 AUD AKL -SYD $263 AUD Z class Availability limited to November
  3. pmdg7444

    Int'l Schedule Change - codeshare options?

    Have received a notification about MEL-HKG changing from an overnight to daytime service. However, can't accept any VA operated flights as my schedule only permits an overnight availability to travel to HKG The usual GCC advises the policy is only VA operated flights or full refund. is there...
  4. pmdg7444

    SYD F lounge weekend champagne breakfasts from $54

    Its been a while since those were around I believe...... To solve the equation, JQ's 787 to CNS leaves at 08:00.......
  5. pmdg7444

    Hong Kong lunch, dim sum, tea, drinks, brunch, etc 23-24 Jan 16

    To any HK based members/visitors, is anyone keen for casual meetup? As much as I love CX lounges, I'm keen to get out of CLK airport this weekend in between a long transit between 2 flights Cheers pmdg7444
  6. pmdg7444

    Bonus Aquire points through survey

    Quick! Latest acquire email communication just came out, offering 10K points for completing literally a 30second survey. hurry, only first 10k respondents
  7. pmdg7444

    JQ NRT to MEL./OOL from $83 AUD ow

    Credit to ozbargain. Hope this is useful to members here.
  8. pmdg7444

    Dissatisfactory Plat Comp Upgrade Experience

    I just have a few gripes over the process when it comes to changing a flexi fare that has been upgraded. First of all I purchased a flexi fare with a promo code and successfully used the upgrades. But when it comes to changing the dates, the process becomes frustrating. I knew I had to...
  9. pmdg7444

    Ability to retrospectively claim Qantas Restaurant points?

    Made quite a few reservations through the Qantas Restaurants site over the last couple of weeks (less than 8), however no points have been posted. On looking through the claim missing points link in the QFF profile, its states that restaurants: Retrospective points claims not accepted...
  10. pmdg7444

    AAX on sale (possibly cheapest ever?)

    Lowest Fares Ever | AirAsia dates, limited cities, but still selling quite fast! Booking Period: 12 March 2015 - 13 March 2015 Travel Period: 1 September 2015 - 18 November 2015 Travel Notes - Advanced booking required. - Fares are not available during embargo period. - Booking...
  11. pmdg7444

    QF codeshares on LAN bookable with AA?

    Hi all Just asking if anyone was able to secure QF321 SYD-AKL (operated by LAN) on a J award ticket. shows a Classic award available, however, AA can't sell it and not able to sell it as LAN800. FWIW, this is combined with a partner EY award. Thanks
  12. pmdg7444

    Hot food options in lounges during weekday evenings?

    Hi guys I'm looking for some insight into wats on offer currently in the syd dom lounge at 5-6pm weekdays? IS it more than just soup for hot food? Any recent visitors pls report back thx
  13. pmdg7444

    New Etihad First and Business Class Lounge Sydney

    I had the pleasure of visiting the new EY lounge in Sydney last month - and I want to share my thoughts. The lounge is located in Pier C of T1, tucked away into corner near (Citybeach?) The entrance, whilst small, is neat, and well appointed. The decor is the same as for the other EY lounges...
  14. pmdg7444

    Free 2x express arrivals cards

    Have too many cards 1 x qf arrivals card 1 x sq arrivals card pm your address first come first serve. cheers.
  15. pmdg7444

    A Christmas Special: on Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class ADL to SIN

    Hi all I recently had the pleasure of travelling on SQ's A330 J product from ADL to SIN in the week before xmas - a flight which I thoroughly enjoyed and with all the extra xmas touches onboard- it felt more festive and special. Hence, my desire to share with you all what it was like to...
  16. pmdg7444

    Etihad Airbus A330 Business Class AUH-FRA, a short pictorial presentation

    Hi all Welcome to another trip report (more a like a lounge/fly report) that I have the delight in showcasing to the AFF community. As I'm still collating all the images/footage, I just like to initially present a short snapshot of what you can expect onboard EY's A330 Refurbed Business Class...
  17. pmdg7444

    VA29 Canx for all of Feb. PY pax dg'ed to Y

    Hi all, just a heads up if you are in this situation and are unaware Its that time again (when one of VA's 77Ws is off to heavy maintenance, meaning all of SYD - AUH services are xxled and pax are reacc'd onto EY). cheers.
  18. pmdg7444

    Seat selection post booking a USDM on various carriers

    Hi guys A question for the uninitiated like myself seeking as much info as I can. Once you have confirmed a booking, and have it ticketed, do you have success ringing up each individual airline to get seat preferences allocated? lets say your booking is on multiple carriers such as SQ, TG, LH...
  19. pmdg7444

    FFA facebook page?

    I often hear this being mentioned. Apparently its quite useful and alot of members here are there. Can anyone point me in the direction of this group?
  20. pmdg7444

    VA 737 and A330 J September product snapshot

    At the VA thread, there was a mention about VA 'enhancing' the Coast2Coast product offering by cutting down on a few things. Hopefully, that was a one-off supply chain shortage/oversight/etc and hope there's nothing to worry about for the rest of us. Here's what you usually