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  1. Jenya

    Ryanair forced diversion to Minsk to Kidnap Opposition Journalist

    The United States and Western European members of the UN Security Council called Wednesday for the International Civil Aviation Organization to urgently investigate Belarus' forced diversion of a commercial flight to Minsk between Greece and Lithuania to arrest an opposition journalist on board...
  2. Jenya

    QF583 SYD-PER diverted to Adelaide, Feb 4th 2021, loss of cabin pressure

    Was anyone on this flight yesterday night? Got notification from Flightradar24 and was watching descent to ADL wandering how severe it was. News coverage in Australia is shocking, this wasn't reported anywhere in local media. This doesn't look like pleasant flight for poor passengers with 3 hr...
  3. Jenya

    Formula 1 Qantas A-380 Flyover at Albert Park

    Is it going to happen in 2020?
  4. Jenya

    Property left on board. Any chance to find?

    Forgot my sunglassess in seat pocket on redeye from PER to MEL was really sleep deprived( any chance to locate it from your experience?
  5. Jenya

    Qantas displaying LGBT livery - so where is equality?

    Feel really offended now with recent airline move with rainbow colored tail. :( I do respect other people belives and veiws, but seriously - why public transport opeator would openly support one kind of its customers and not the others? Espesially being national carrier.... Bad, bad move for...