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    First Ever F Flight - What not to miss?

    I'm making my first ever F Flight from Bangkok to Sydney tomorrow evening with Emirates. Tickets were bought last Friday (work paying). I haven't had any contact directly from Emirates, what should I not miss out on? Pre-flight - Are there any hidden perks? Additional lounge services not...
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    Great service from Qantas

    Having had my wedding on the weekend, family from Adelaide were flying home Monday night. In the departure lounge my three-year old cousin was given a chocolate covered peanut by an unsuspecting older couple. Luckily his Mum saw it happen and they got it out of his mouth before swallowing but...
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    Seat choice in new A330

    Hi all, I've flown plenty of long haul to Bangkok in the old A330 fitout in Row 23/24 and had no trouble with the bulkheads (in fact found it very pleasurable). Upcoming flight in April to Honolulu, the Row 45 bulkheads are available in the middle. Seatguru says restricted legroom. I find this...
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    Virgin removes fuel surcharges

    Virgin to remove fuel surcharges; puts pressure on Qantas to follow suit
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    Best Price Guarantee

    I'm an Intercontinental Ambassador. I have a refundable booking at a Mexican Intercon Resort in April for 6 nights. Current rate is $US1,992 for refundable inc taxes and service charges. If I convert to non-refundable it should go to about $US1,793. At current exchange rates that's about...
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    Re-booking/Change fees query

    I have a 7-flight itinerary for 2 people in the US/Mexico in April that I'm looking to change. The routing should stay the same but dates need to change. The flights are non-cancellable. There is a $200 change fee. Is that fee per flight or can I change 3/5 flights at the same time for the one...
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    Stopovers ticketing question

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but quick question on stopovers, and adding flights (multiple airlines). I'm looking at a one-way SYD-HNL-LIH-HNL-LAX (QF-HA-HA-AA) for April next year with a 5 day stopover in LIH. Using ITA Matrix, Booking through Qantas, it books as SYD-LAX one way...
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    Day D-353 Award Flight (or MASA) Bookings

    So today is D-353 for my honeymoon return leg which we are intending to complete in style in business. Wake up at 7am, no award fares available in any class on QF. 9am - economy fares become available. Refresh website 300 times throughout the day... No premium fares or alternate routes...
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    Lounge access query?

    If I am QF gold, flying on a HA flight as an AA codeshare, from Honolulu (inter-island), what lounge access am I entitled to?
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    Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Card

    Very very interesting and the first Australian based hotel card that I can tell. Given planning for a hopeful honeymoon next year I have been looking at the hotel rewards programs this week so this email very much piques my attention. Annual fee is $295 so I don't think I'll take it up as the...
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    Tiger changes maintenance contractor - query re: final comment

    Tigerair goes 'military' with new maintenance deal | Plane Talking Any ideas? Maintenance troubles? Financial difficulties at Jetstar Domestic?
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    Airline fleet management/Logistics (Qantas focus)

    Being a bit of a nerdy type and always having had a minor interest in how timetabling trains/planes work and with a new found interest in the Qantas fleet and changes (and hopefully route expansion) I thought this would be a great place to discuss and learn how the airlines manage their fleets...
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    New year silver membership pack received early!

    I have a JASA run this Saturday for 240 SC's to return me to gold for a 30 June year end. Surprised to receive my new silver card and free QC pass in the mail yesterday! Double bonus.
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    Oneworld multi-stop fare comparisons

    I'm currently planning my trip to the 2014 world cup in Brazil and associated South American adventures for a group upwards of 6 to 8 people. The options for flying oneworld to South America are obviously limited with only 3 QF flights per week so I imagine prices will be astronomical. I have...
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    Returning lurker

    Hi all, Recently brought the credit cards and finances right under control and found a great post on here which has brought me back after planning an RTW flight here in 2009. Think I might become a bit of a regular here! I'm hooked on gaming these credit card programs. Can't currently login on...
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    Multiple Amex Cards

    I currently have a Qantas Ultimate Card which I've had for 3 years (5 years if you count 2 years of gold). I've paid discount renewals the last 2 years but when renewal comes up in December I won't be keeping it if charged $450 with the new scheme. I use the card for bills, petrol, supermarkets...
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    One World Explorer Fees & Charges

    I am off to London in September and am looking at a 3 continent OWE departing in February. It says some airlines may charge fees etc when booking onward segments. Now is this a booking fee or will it be taxes and fuel surcharges? The routing I was looking at was London-Tokyo-Hawaii-LA-New...