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    QF Downgrade J to Y. What are my rights?

    Boarded a domestic fligth PER-SYD on QF business. Then pilot discovered brake problems. Flight cancelled. QF offered to put me on another flight but only with economy seats. It was the only way I could make my connections otherwise will have to overnight at SYD. The alternative was I took a...
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    CX Gatwick - any arrival lounge?

    Booked on CX HKG to Gatwick new service in 1st wk of Sept in J. Have OWE. Arriving around 6:30am. Got to go to meetings that day. CX has arrival lounge arrangements at LHR but not sure if they do at Gatwick?
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    How long it usually takes QR flight points to appear on Qantas account?

    Recently flown QR in J. Wonder how long it usually takes for QR flights to appear on Qantas account? Thanks in advance.
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    APEC Travel Card - what is minimal valid duration for visa free entry

    I hold an ABTC but it has expiry on the card as 'August 2015'. I have just been asked to go to Beijing in July for a week. Previously I won't need a visa. I can't find out if there is a minimum valid duration of the ABTC for exemption of visa entry. My local chinese embassy said they do not...
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    QF domestic says they don't provide cover bag for prams

    Flown SYD-PER return and was told both sides that QF doesn't provide the plastic bag for prams. There used to be a help yourself pile of bags at SYD which has been removed. Another service enhancement?
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    LAX to SAN - any experience with limousine company or shuttle?

    Previously always fly the short flight but factoring in potential delay from PER to LAX, immigration etc, often ends up wanting to try getting a driven car (don't think I am fit to drive myself after the long trip). There are many companies taking on line reservations. Will work out same price...
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    How long usually after QR flights are points/SC credited on QF?

    Wonder if anyone has experience on QR flights crediting to QF since QR joined one world? How long should I wait before submitting a claim?
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    Does Qatar allow advanced seat selection - how?

    Have bookings on QR in J. Does not seem to allow me to select seats in advance. Any advice? Would ringing up help?
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    which melbourne hotel has good swimming pool?

    Going to spend a few days in Melbourne. Usually swim for exercise. Hard to decide on hotel photos whether the swimming pools in most of them is long enough for swimming laps (say 20 meters or more). Any suggestions?
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    What lounge WP can use in SIN?

    First time passing SIN since QF-EK arrangement. I am WP but flying Y with wife and 3 yr old. What lounge am I allowed? QF vs BA vs EK? Will I be allowed EK F lounge with family?
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    APEC card conflicts with Australian Permanent Resident status?

    I am a NZ citizen with Australian PR status. I have recently gotten an APEC card for convenience. Since then (even when I am not using the card for entry/departure from Australia) the officer started to stamp my passport (which they didn't have to do when they put the PR status electronically...
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    Which SQ lounge does VA Platinum allowed at Changi?

    Flying SQ on Y. Has Velocity platinum. Which SQ lounge at which terminal is best to use? Shower facilities will be desirable. thx in advance for advice.
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    Which star alliance program to credit flights in

    Would appreciate advice. i will have J fares on Air Canada, Turkish airline and SQ in next few wks. At present I have no status at any of the *A program. I also have UA and AirNZ membership. Which program is best to put the flights to to earn SC? Last time I credit the TK J flights to kris flyer...
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    What's best *A lounge at HkG

    Will be transiting HKG a few times next few months all on J but different *A carriers. (Bye bye QF!) Used to use CX lounges so not sure what lounges available and which best to spend a few hrs
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    Turkish air and Air Canada J flights - which *A program best to credit to

    Will be flying J with Turkish Airline (HKG to IST) and Air Canada (HKG to YYZ) soon. I have no status but am member with Turkish; SG; Air NZ; VA and UA. Which program will I be best to credit the flights to? I don't fly *A too often.
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    BA arrival lounge LHR - does QF Platinum have automatic access

    Have just flown J on BA ticket to LHR and used the arrival lounge. Excellent as I arrived 5am and could have a shower and shirt ironed before work meeting at 0830 downtown. Impressed. Have never used it when I flew on QF J to LHR. Can someone advise me if I can use the arrival lounge if flying...
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    when will MH join one world?

    Flying PER to IST in April. MH suits my times best but wonder if I will get QF SCs?
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    Advice needed on LHR arrival lounges

    Am traveling from PER to LHR. Will arrive at 0430 on a BA flight (J class) and need to chair a meeting in downtown at 0830. Would be great to have a shower etc., refresh myself etc before rolling up to work. I understand there is an arrival lounge at T5. Is it worthwhile - queues? service...
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    Access to One World Lounges

    Question: I am QF Plantinum. Am flying CX (Y) from PER to HKG with a considerable layover before flying BA (J) HKG to LHR. Which is the best lounge to spend the hours in? Just want to check I can access CX First Lounge (being QF and flying BA). Suggestion or comments most welcomed.
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    Perth-syd QF international connection

    PER-SYD-DFW in three wks. The connection time in Syd is only 100 min or so. I gathered it is often tight. Has anyone had experience where they missed the connection. What would QF do?