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    Using Office Outlook in QP's

    In my experience, this error message is because your ISP mail servers (eg bigpond & iiNet) will only let you send messages when are connected to the net through them. There is nothing wrong with Outlook or your PC. eg. To send mail through iiNet you must dial iiNet or use an iiNet broadband...
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    AVIS location LHR

    Don't forget the Hertz at Marble Arch is just inside the congestion zone... (I hired from there last weekend)
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    Jetstar Frequent Flyer

    I was wondering where this speculation came from: "The white marsupial adorning the red tails of Qantas planes might be revamped or "modernised", according to speculation swirling among staff writing on industry websites and in chatrooms... " more from
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    Understanding [Fare Buckets] Expert Flyer

    Aren't these the award seats available - Z (First) and U (Business) ? The OP is asking about how many upgrade seats are available, which I did not think you could decipher from this information. rp
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    BA = No minimum points/miles ?

    There is a minimum points guarantee with BA although at 125 and 500 miles I can't imagine it would get much use. 9.3.5 The Minimum Points Guarantee will be applied to all Eligible Flights that have a QF, JQ, AA or BA flight number. The...
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    News: Jetstar and Japan Airlines code share agreement on Australia-Japan services

    Apologies if I've missed this somewhere but: 21 Feb 07 "Jetstar and Japan Airlines have agreed to commercial terms to enter a code share agreement on Jetstar’s daily Sydney – Osaka – Brisbane service scheduled to commence from 25 March 2007*, subject to final regulatory approval... "...
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    Aus Domestic Sectors on DONE4

    Thanks for that - it looks like AA will be the go. Cheers, RP
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    Aus Domestic Sectors on DONE4

    Hi all, I'm having a similar problem with booking directly through Qantas on a LONE4. Here is part of my proposed itinerary. MEL-CNS-SYD-MEL-HKG // HNL-SYD-MEL The two Aus stopovers would be Cairns and Melbourne and I can't see a problem with the sectors. I specifically asked the...