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    Masks rules - Airline Enforcement?

    I don't know that this is the correct thread for discussing it, but it's false to say that taking off one's mask for short periods somehow results in a guaranteed case of catching covid. Viral load makes a difference - It matters whether the infectious person is masked, how long each person...
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    QF 67/68 - SYD - DEL - SYD Cancellations

    Yes they certainly will. You may be routed via the other city (e.g. to Melbourne if the Sydney flight is cancelled - not sure if you've said where your origin is). You may be delayed a day or two. This is all normal and Qantas will automatically book you on alternate flights and send you a...
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    Qantas extends status extensions until June 2022

    Question about rollover SC's - my status year ended 31 Dec, and at that point I had only 40 new SC's from 2021, which were credited back on 1 Jan 2022 with "Status Support - Status Credit Rollover" as expected. My QP status is still intact for 2022 as expected having met the one-flight...
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    Masks rules - Airline Enforcement?

    I recently flew on Fiji Airways NAN-SYD, and although most passengers were compliant with mask rules, there was one Aussie family near us that wore them around their chin for most of the flight. Another passenger near us was getting agitated about this and discreetly contacted the flight...
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    Where to get a RAT?

    The ones I have (bought in December) are Roche / SD Biosensor. Wonder what it means that this isn't listed at all...
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    Qantas A380 to LHR returning sooner?

    FYI, the IATA city code for the London area is "LON" and the airport code for London Heathrow is LHR. LDN is the code for Lamidanda, a tiny airport in Nepal.
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    Travel insurance enhancements

    Thanks for linking the correct PDS, Ktan89! Given this PDS has no mention of COVID at all, I'm more willing to take it together with the additional statement as valid.
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    Travel insurance enhancements

    This statement is fairly prominently displayed on the Amex Australia web site and the wording looks great. However, I'm a bit put off by the fact that the actual PDS does not mention...
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    Card Promotions New Westpac Altitude Platinum Offer 75k QFF Points. 1st year fee free

    I can't say for certain about Westpac company cards and there could be different arrangements, but I've held both Amex and Citibank corporate cards and neither has ever shown on my own credit report or anything to do with my own accounts at these institutions.
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    Qantas Pass - Out of the Blue! [In lieu of Refund]

    Are they still working on converting flight credits to Qantas Passes? I have a "missing" flight credit (I redeemed one for a lesser value flight and should have been issued a new credit for the balance, but it never came). I am trying to follow up on this without waiting hours on the phone...
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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    Oh , I hadn't found that. Thanks, will try.
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    BNE-SFO A330 experiment canned?

    Ah yeah, I just meant that a stop in NAN or NOU would be reasonable option when weather is adverse (as opposed to a cancellation). This was done somewhat regularly for the B747 when it was running DFW-BNE. I know that Qantas had an expectation they would require that stop a certain number of...
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    BNE-SFO A330 experiment canned?

    Oh sure, I get that it may not be commercially successful if the diversions are too frequent. I was referring to the "water wings" comment in particular.
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    BNE-SFO A330 experiment canned?

    Why such drama? Why not just a refuelling stop in NAN or NOU like any other transpacific flight?
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    Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times

    I have a missing flight credit - a flight that was originally cancelled and then I used the credit on a flight for less than the total value. So I should have received a new credit afterwards for the remaining value to use on further flights (yes it was booked before 30 Sept 2021), but I have...
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    Question about QF9 MEL-DRW-LHR

    You do not stay on a plane (regulations about refuelling), and you aren't "entering" the NT so you don't need any kind of permits. Really you can just ignore the NT part of your trip - there's nothing you need to do in Darwin except follow the crowds from plane to holding area and then back to...
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    QantasLink retains Lord Howe Island licence until 2025

    Sorry I have corrected my post, it is RWY 10 threshold that would be extended west by 450m in the proposal (I got mixed up in the terminology). The 450m extension is the most that can be allowed because of the North Head landform to the northwest of RWY 10. Any further extension would bring...
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    Qantas credit to Qantas pass

    Is there a way to request a credit conversion into a pass? I have a large amount of credits that have myself and my partner in the same PNR. We have some upcoming travel that will be separate and can't use these credits as a result.
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    Qantas credit to Qantas pass

    If the card is in his name, then he legally paid for the tickets. I don't see the problem here.
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    Classic reward booking on one ticket vs two

    I believe the UK also flags travellers who aren't on a return/onward booking for extra questioning - at least this occurred to me on my last visit. It only affected my entry at immigration though, not any further flights such as my departure.