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    Missing point...

    Anyone noticed in the last 1-2 weeks that the points awarded for a shop at Coles are 1 less than the $ amount? It has not been on every shop, just 2 where there is 1 less point earned.
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    Purchase additional luggage allowance after departure & before return flight

    I searched and could not find if it is possible to purchase additional baggage allowance after departure but before the return flight. I have a points booking with a JQ / QF (International) / JQ ticket and am trying to decide if to purchase the extra allowance now or I can wait and see what I...
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    MEL-xKUL-BKK J - Immigration fast track?

    Flying MEL-xKUL-BKK Business class in 2 weeks time and wondering will they provide a fast track card/ pass for immigration. Not so worried about getting through Melbourne quickly, more so Bangkok on arrival as the last 2 times has been chaotic. Anyone flown this recently and can advise if fast...
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    Plus Bundle Price Increase?

    Just had a look at some dates this month and in October and found the Plus Bundle for HBA-MEL has gone up to $35 Previously it was around $19 / $22 Has it increased on other routes as well ?
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    Sheraton Melbourne

    The new Sheraton Melbourne opened March 31 and has an opening Experience Sheraton rate providing the following: • Daily breakfast • Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi • Double Star points (On base rate) I booked a Traditional Room at $250 for the night and was a little apprehensive staying opening...
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    Fiji 2013 - Trip Report

    Tried to do something a bit different for a trip report but ended up getting bored with it in the end. Warning: File size is around 17 Mb
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    QF 1202 MEL-SYD - 747 at the Domestic gate

    Sitting in the J Lounge and saw a QF 747 taxi by thinking it was going to turn left to wards the runway but it kept going and parked itself (well a human parked it, doubt the plane is that smart) at the domestic terminal gate 23 or 25. Checked the board and it is flying MEL - SYD today as QF...
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    Qantas Club Invitation Give Away

    I have 3 Qantas Club Invitations to be given away with conditions. 2 are valid until end December 2012 1 is valid until end of February 2013 The February 2013 Invitation will be given away on its own. The December 2012 Invitations will be either on there own OR as one - my discretion. The...
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    QF My Bookings - Missing flight / Sector

    I was checking my Fiji trip thats coming up in 3 weeks on My Bookings - HBA / xMEL / xSYD / NAN - and saw that the MEL - SYD leg of the trip is missing. I also noticed that my previous seat allocation for the SYD - NAN flight had disappeared. When ticketed it showed all flights correctly. I have...
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    Centrelink - Thinks I am still overseas.

    Logged onto the Centrelink web site tonight to check on something and noticed I had a unread letter from 28 March. It seems they are cancelling FTB payments as they believe I am still overseas - Spent 5 days in Fiji Jan/Feb this year. Has anyone else had this happen? I will give them a call in...