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    Reward flight to Europe from SYD via BNE ?

    Hi, A friend of our's relatives from Poland are stuck in Australia, and we're looking to use QFF point to get them back. I have found flights from Sydney to Warsaw, with QR, however they are all via Brisbane. With the Queensland border restrictions, does the Queensland government allow...
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    JQ Points Claims not working ?

    Hi, Has anyone recently been able to successfully enter a missing points claim on the QF website for JQ flights? Two weeks ago I had two sectors in JQ. I have had no issues submitting claims for JQ on the Qantas website before, and they were all credited - no issues. This time around, when I go...
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    Amex Travel Credit - pay remainder with other card

    Hi, Has anyone been ale to use the American Express Travel credit (I have $400 on the Explorer? card), but I can only use the same card to pay for the remainder of the booking. I actually wanted to use a different card. How is that possible ? THanks, LP
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    Rebook EY to SQ?

    I have a J award (via virgin Australia) flight in July with EY on AUH-SYD on the A380 with the wife and two kids. We am flying into DXB two days earlier on EK from Europe. Given all the recent press and cutbacks on EY (most recently on no chauffeur on award tickets which I was planning to use to...
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    AUH-SYD in July 2018 in J

    Hi I'm searching for 4 one-way J rewards AUH-SYD (or BNE, or MEL) in late July 2018. I see that horizon is just starting to be available for searching in VFF for point redemptions. However there is no day after 12 July where 4 seats would be available (not any-seat). Is there a reason? There is...
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    Searching for SQ Saver Upgrades

    Hi, I am booked on SQ237 on 2 February in Economy (Y). I want to upgrade to Business, and I have the points in my VA account. Don't want to transfer unless I am sure to get the seats. When I search for reward flights, I can see on that day, on that flight, that there is reward seats available...
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    Upgrading from VA points

    Hi, I have a booking with SQ MEL-SIN-ICN-SIN-MEL. All SQ flight numbers. I am a VA Plat, and have plenty of points. Is it possible to transfer X number of points required for an upgrade to Business, and upgrade, while still banking the original points to VA ? Or is it the case of associating the...
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    Accessing QF lounge flying AY

    Hi I am flying HKG-HEL on AY. I am a QF Silver. Can I use the complimentary one-off Qantas club pass (that one gets with silver status) to enter the Qantas club in Hong Kong before the flight to Helsinki? Cheers LP
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    Best options for VA plat to Frankfurt

    Hi I have a work trip coming up to Frankfurt. I am a VA plat and QF gold. What are everyone's views on best options to fly there trying to maximise status as well as regular points, lounge access, upgrade options - work only pays for economy. Most likely in mid may for about 3-4 days. I've...
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    Seat selection on VA codeshare operated by EY

    Hi, I'm flying on VA7092 (operated by EY454 on the A380). Is it possible to pre-select a seat on this flight, or is it a case similar to flying VA codeshares on SQ where you cannot preselect seats ? Cheers LP
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    Which seat on VA29 SYD-AUH in Y

    hi I'm looking to book a work trip to AUH on 1 August.I'm a VA plat and will most likely to for the VA29 arriving at midnight rather than the EY flight arriving around 6am. Travel will be in Y. At the moment there are no J upgrades available for the flight but I'm hoping they will open at...
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    VA/EY from SYD to AUH and back

    Hi I'm looking for some flights from Sydney to Abu Dhabi for an upcoming work trip. Need to depart Saturday 1 august and fly back a week later. I am a VA plat and looking at the options. On the way out the choice is between a VA and EY 777. I would take the VA and use points to upgrade. On the...
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    Travel to Astana

    Hi, Looks like I may have a work trip coming up to Kazakhstan in a few weeks. Will depart and return to either SYD/NTL, and need to go to Astana. I am a VA Plat, and QF Gold. Options are EY/VA via AUH, or QF/EK+FlyDubai via DXB. There may be others via HKG or BKK with a long Air Astana flight on...
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    What is United 777 like in J (SYD-LAX) ?

    Hi, I Have a lifemiles booking SYD-ICN-LAX for later this week in J with Asiana (777/A380), but I notice there is availability direct SYD-LAX on UA840 also in J. This is a 777. Anyone have experience with this? How does it compare to J in Asiana? Is it a flat bed ? I notice UA have a few 777...
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    VA Plat to North Asia

    Hi, As part of a work trip, I need to travel to Ulan Bator in Mongolia. I am a VA Plat, so am leaning towards flying using SQ to either PEK or ICN, and then transferring to the last leg to Mongolia. When I search for flights, both SQ and VA flights to PEK and ICN come up through the booking...
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    VA plat / QF gold travel options to Europe

    Hi i have a work trip coming up to Poland. I have to get myself from NTL or SYD to WAW. I am a VA plat and QF gold. Will be flying in economy as work policy is Y only. From SYD I can do one stop via DXB or 2 stops with SQ/LH via SIN/FRA or VA/EY/Air Berlin via AUH and TXL. Which of these...
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    Flying EY, topBonus gold, Crediting to VA

    Hi, My brother is flying from Europe to Australia in a few months. He booked his flights on EY, and has EY flight numbers, even though some are operated by Air Berlin. Basically flying WAW-TXL-AUH-SYD and return. WAW-TXL-AUH are EY flight numbers, operated by Air Berlin. AUH-SYD and return are...
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    Sydney hotel prices tomorrow- 19/02

    Is there some big event happening in Sydney tomorrow or over the weekend? I've never seen prices for hotels this high consistently across the board. Normally on wotif there are a few options for secret rooms 5 or 4.5 star for around $200. Tomorrow night there are only 2 available and they're 231...
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    Comp Plat Upgrades

    Hi, I have a Flexi ticket booked for PER-SYD for the 27th on VA552. I tried to use a platinum comp upgrade, but there seems no award seats available. I've checked on expert flyer, and it seems there are only 6 passengers in J out of possible 36 seats. I was searching on monday, and they had 3...
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    Typo in reservation

    Hi I made two reward bookings using life miles flying SYD-ICN-LAX. Two separate tickets with an overnight stay in Seoul. I just realised I made a typo in my first name on the SYD-ICN reservation (double up of one of the letters - eg Christiian instead of Christian). Is this going to be a...