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  1. LotusEliseDriver

    *Warning: Jet Star Asia intra Asia flights**

    Hi All, As per posts have just come back from conference in SE Asia. Was in Hong Kong, but flew to Singapore for a conference.. So I did what I thought was the right thing and booked JetStar Asia between the two sights as this would earn me QFF points.... WRONG!! Got back home to see...
  2. LotusEliseDriver

    CHp Flt from SIN to HKG

    G'day all, Here in Dublin I've been able to get ff points to pay for a flight to HKG in Oct.... Ah! But the conference in Singapore! Handy eh! ... :rolleyes: So: queston is .. who sells Uber cheap flights from HKG to SIN ? I hear that Royal Brunei* (nothin' Royal 'bout my...