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  1. Boris spatsky

    The Wine Gallery

    Is anyone else a member of the Wine Gallery? I have joined recently - 3 bottles a month for $23 a bottle (price does not vary) and $9 postage. Interesting concept (they match your palettte based on a survey, you score the wines each month, they change the choices based on feedback).
  2. Boris spatsky

    Superbowl 2017

    Mad Atlanta Falcons supporter. Been waiting 25 years to win a superbowl so hopefully today is our day. Who is having a Superbowl party today?
  3. Boris spatsky

    Garden shears in checked baggage

    I have a friend who wants me to get some new, expensive garden shears to him in Thailand. I would check them in in checked baggage in Sydney. Whilst not classed as a dangerous goods, i am concerned that i may have to spend significant time and hassle explaining them with customs in both...
  4. Boris spatsky

    AUS Virginmobile sim on NZ networks

    I am currently in NZ but my phone cannot connect to any of the NZ phone networks, even though it can see three. I am using an Aussie Virgin mobile sim. I don't recall this being a problem last time i was here.
  5. Boris spatsky

    Sydney Domestic Showers

    Does anyone know if there are public showers at either T2 or T3 domestic terminals in Sydney (not including VA or QF lounges)? The SYD airport site mentions showers at Int'l but nothing about domestic.
  6. Boris spatsky

    Status Run 200 SCs Sydney

    My father in law is 200 SCs short of LTG and wants to get them ASAP. I don't really want to direct him down the 'phone up MASA' path as i am not sure he would be able to describe it well enough to the agent! What is the best run out of Sydney ATM. Still SYD-CBR-Hobart return? He is happy to...
  7. Boris spatsky

    Pax moves to 3E after takeoff

    Was On a VA domestic flight today on 737-800 in 3F. Another Platinum member in 3D. After takeoff and when the seatbelt sign was turned off, an extremely tall person (6'8" or so by my eyeball) movedhimself from a row further back into seat 3 E. i was asleep and he woke me up by bumping my arm. He...
  8. Boris spatsky

    NZ7 SFO to AKL now via HNL and NAN

    NZ7 on 12 Dec cancelled due fuel leak. NZ7 on 13 Dec (same aircraft) now going via Honolulu and Nadi. Anyone know more?
  9. Boris spatsky

    LAX Lounge Options on AirNZ

    Travelling LAX-AKL soon on AirNZ in J as VA WP. Is my only lounge option in LAX the Koru Lounge, or are there others that i could use that are better?
  10. Boris spatsky

    US Immigration delays due Budget cuts What is your recent experience at LAX? I will arrive in May at T2 with a 3 hour connection for T5. Normally this would be plenty of time, but after reading this, i am concerned. 2 PNRs, different airlines.
  11. Boris spatsky

    Are you requesting compensation?

    Hi VFF As a Platinum, i recently sent an online complaint after my checked bag did not arrive at destination for the 4th time in 4 months. Platinum desk rang back and apologised, we had a good 20 minute chat about baggage and other issues. She then threw a curve ball comment at me: 'So, are...
  12. Boris spatsky

    Compensation offered - accept?

    So i complained to Virgin online after my bags failed to make it to destination for the 4th time in 4 months (all domestic legs, some in J). Platinum line rang on Monday - she was very apologetic, and then after 10 minutes of chatting asked 'so are you requesting compensation?' I wasn't ready...
  13. Boris spatsky

    Booking with Kayak

    If i book a seat MEL-LAX Return on AirNZ through Kayak (and therefore Travelocity), will i get points and SCs for Velocity? Any other issues doing this? It's far cheaper than booking with the airline.
  14. Boris spatsky

    J over, PE back?

    Looking to travel SYD-LAX rtn in May on QF. Budget doesn't allow for J both ways. Is it possible to book J one way, and PE the other? The website doesn't seem to be able to do this, like the EK one can.
  15. Boris spatsky

    MEL Departures boards not correct

    Why is it that the VA departure boards are not correct at MEL? For example, just now, my flight is delayed 1 hr 20, but the board says 'boarding now'. When i asked the lounge angel, she replied 'sorry sir, we can't alter the board'. Ridiculous, especially considering that you could clear...
  16. Boris spatsky

    Circle Pacific pricing

    Before i ring QF, is there an easy way to determine Circle Pacific pricing? Looking at SYD-ANC-SCL-SYD in Y. Or is circle pacific a waste for this routing?
  17. Boris spatsky

    Best OW option in PE to Shanghai

    My parents are travelling to Shanghai at Easter and are looking to travel in PE on oneworld. What is the best option? Looks like QF only offer A330 (no PE?) on the direct service. Will Malaysian be OW by Easter? Other options Cathay or JAL. Anyone flown Cathay PE?
  18. Boris spatsky

    Best HKG F Lounge for Child

    Off to HKG with miss Spatsky (5) on JASA. On way back, flight departs HKG at 2330, so figured i would check in about 6pm, go to one of the CX F lounges and let her sleep on a chair for a few hours. Which CX F (or J) lounge would be best for this? Could also use QF F lounge if better?
  19. Boris spatsky

    ATC Callsign change - now 'velocity'

    Sorry if this is slightly OT. I noticed that Virgin aircraft as of this week are now using 'Velocity' as their ATC callsign, not 'Virgin'. Anyone know why? Is this a JB tactic? Was it required by Air Services? Or did Sir Richard wade in again? Calling markis - he should know!
  20. Boris spatsky

    Narita Connection Time - 1hr10 enough?

    I am considering using JAL to get to the US. The connection time showing for the Narita connection onto the AA flight (JAL codeshare) is 1 hour 10. If I don't do this, then I have to overnight. Is this enough at Narita considering I don't have to clear customs? I figure that if I do miss the...