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    Optus Travel Pack confusion (Australian only SMS and Voice calls)

    Hello, I am looking at using an optus travel pack for my travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia in 2 days time, I was happy to read the following. What's included in an Optus Travel Pack?Optus Travel Packs for Post-Paid services are just $10 per day and can cover a period of up to 31...
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    QF5 and QF6 lose 747 and premium economy class

    I was checking my upcoming bookings and noticed that my up coming flight to Singapore from Sydney was cancelled QF5. Instead domestic economy to BNE and PE to SIN on QF52. No calls or notification, so I called CS. Was informed that Qantas was taking the 747 off that route and replacing it with...
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    Virgin Flexi domestic fare does not include food for kids.

    We have retuned from a winter Whitsunday family holiday flying Sydney rtn to Hamilton Island. I had booked all 6 of us on a flexi fare, hoping that the kids would all get a feed. On the flight up the adults got food, but none of the 4 kids. We complained and they said that the kids are not on...
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    Does anyone know how to book different classes with Qantas?

    I have been trying to work out a way of booking a SYD-HKG return flight oneway Economy and return Premium Economy. I could do different bookings for each way but the price increases dramatically. I notice that Jetstar lets you book across and so does airasia, and they are low cost airlines. Is...
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    Qantas pulls daily A380 from SYD LAX SYD QF 11 and QF 12.

    Just another disappointing change with Qantas, my partner and I are flying in Business on a Monday and made sure we booked the A380 product. We got notification that our QF 11 and 12 flights had changed to the 747 product, this is true for all monday flights in September as we searched, which...