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  1. Paddy55

    how to book award with aus CC

    Haven't booked through AA to redeem miles in several years. El Segundo still works... may have to visit it one day!
  2. Paddy55

    Aussies have earned over 1.5 billion Qantas Points through Qantas Wine

    I'm (sort of) embaressed to say I've bought about 400-500K points a fair bit of wine. Lots of lovely bonus points!
  3. Paddy55

    NBN Discussion

    ABB provided the estimate of 350m - I'm hoping they're reasonably accurate. I've checked the NBNMTM website just now and, at my house, no Pillar/Node location information is available.:( What I can say is that we moved into this house over 3 years ago and I had professional cabling installed...
  4. Paddy55

    NBN Discussion

    I'll happily add to the applause for ABB... been with them 12 months after a short, dreadful time with T*lstra - can't put a value on Australia based support! Sadly, we're only 350m from the cabinet and we rarely hit 35mbs downloading. Hoping govts new COAL and other projects mean we can...
  5. Paddy55

    2019 Travel Plans

    Just a trip to Europe for Paddy Jnr's wedding in Poland - which should be an awesome experience! So, mid June SYD - HKG - FRA with CX J & F - award seats End June MUC - KRK with LH in J Early July WAW - DXB - SYD with EK in J - again, award seats
  6. Paddy55

    Qantas: 'one of the worst airlines in the free world'

    Firstly, I've only read Pages 1, 11 and 12 of this review, so apologies if I've covered something already dealt with. Second, I have read SFO777's TR on FT... and found it pretty OK although I don't agree with all SFO777's opinions. Having said that I agree that QF's standards have slipped in...
  7. Paddy55

    Classic award redemption

    2 x Business
  8. Paddy55

    My Health Record

    I opted out today. Spent over 30 years working in IT and am deeply suspicious of people claiming the system can't be hacked. Also suspicious of which Govt Depts will access this information and HOW they will use it. Deeply suspicious of how they'll decide which 3rd parties will get access in...
  9. Paddy55

    First Class Oneworld RTW Award - your experience? was it worth it?

    Whew! That's good to hear as I keep hearing from folks in LOTFAP that Earth is now Flat! :(
  10. Paddy55

    QFF top up points can Again be purchased online

    Prefer to top up my points via Qantas Wine. Plenty of wines with bonus points... with no limit!
  11. Paddy55


    Welcome Bella... enjoy!
  12. Paddy55

    Four Days on Easter Island (Part one)

    Great report thus far - Easter Is remains on my bucket list and reports/photos like your keeps it there!
  13. Paddy55

    BA first or QF business ?

    BA F over QF J any day of the week, especially if: QF J is on the A380 and the very tired/outdated Skybed II, and It means getting into either the Mel or Syd QF Flounge. Enormous step up from the J Lounge. I've flown BA F SYD-LHR on 777 and 747 - probably prefer the 747 over the 777 but very...
  14. Paddy55

    2019 Travel Plans

    Off to Europe next June/July. Managed to get 2 x CX J/F Award seats into Frankfurt in mid June. Hoping to get us back from Eastern Europe in July when EK Award seats become available!
  15. Paddy55

    So where to start...

    We ALL started where you are. Fortunately members of AFF are unstinting in their very helpful advice. So invest a little time and enjoy the ride :)
  16. Paddy55

    Anyone purchased for Epiqure recently? How long for bonus points to post

    Max 2 days of late... now if it could be that quick for the Qantas Mall purchases!
  17. Paddy55

    CBA adds JAL, United and other airline transfer partners?

    Might have been interested a while ago, however I'll be off CBA's cards before their Amex disappears! :mad:
  18. Paddy55

    NBN Discussion

    Regrettably agree with everything you say... and that Tony Windsor said! :mad:
  19. Paddy55

    Cutting the Foxtel Cable? 2018 price increase!

    ... and that's my problem! The day I can stream ESPN to watch NFL and College Football will be the day I say 'bye bye' to Foxtel!
  20. Paddy55

    Everyday Rewards Targeted Offers

    Oh, Serfty just when I thought I'd gotten a great offer... Anyway I'm quite happy with 4 weeks @ $100 = 12,000