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  1. Bundy Bear

    2021 year of travel (or not!) in review

    Went looking for a yearly AFF thread on flight totals, seems like one for 2021 wasn't posted as we all had such low mileage and so didn't post anything, usually there are people boasting how much flying they had done. 2021 would have seen very few leisure flights and it was probably only for...
  2. Bundy Bear

    Spirit of Queensland Brisbane to Proserpine by Tilt Train

    You may have seen my most recent thread, Whitsunday Escape where I had booked a bareboat trip with some friends and had planned to fly between Brisbane and Proserpine by plane until I got sick. I thought this part of the trip needed its own thread as it is an experience in itself. The Spirit...
  3. Bundy Bear

    Whitsunday Escape

    A few friends had organized a bareboat charter in the Whitsundays for 2020. What is a Bareboat Charter? You rent a boat only and allowed to sail or motor it with you and a few of your friends. What does it cost, you pay a fee around $6,000 to hire the boat for a week, so around $850 each for 8...
  4. Bundy Bear

    Virgin do I cancel now or wait

    I was meant to be flying on Friday Brisbane to Perth using the Amex $375.00 credit. Do I cancel now to get the money as a credit so I can book a new flight heading to Prosperine in May. As its an Amex $375 I don't want a refund. Just making sure there are no fees with cancelling before the...
  5. Bundy Bear

    Perth catchup Easter

    I have booked a flight to Perth for Easter and I have some time to catch up. @cove @JohnM @oz_mark @Indiana Any preference on either Saturday or Sunday night to catch up. Looking through an old list some members haven't posted for a few years.
  6. Bundy Bear

    Come From Away Musical Melbourne

    With the upcoming AFF MEL Xmas dinner Sat 21 Dec 2019, I am looking to attend the performance of Come From Away Has anyone else seen it and what did you think. Prices range from $89 to $155 Just thought I would gauge interest before booking for the 2PM show on the 21 December.
  7. Bundy Bear

    AA and AS scale back partnership

    It has just been revealed that huge cuts will be coming to the partnership between Alaska Airlines and American Airlines as of March 1, 2020. Looks like AA is in breakup mode with everyone, first LATAM now Alaska Airlines.
  8. Bundy Bear

    Jetstar NZ abandons regional routes

    Jetstar will quit flying to regional centres - dealing a blow who have benefitted from lower air fares as a result of competition. The airline is talking with 70 staff about the move to come into effect from December 1. Jetstar has been flying to Napier, Nelson, New Plymouth and Palmerston...
  9. Bundy Bear

    Worlds shortest flight

    Looking at flying to Scotland in 2020, flying into Glasgow and visiting a few places in Scotland including the other Perth. You have to fly up from Glasgow to Kirkwall before taking the triangular flight to Papa Westray and Westray, it doesn't look like you can fly up and back from Glasgow...
  10. Bundy Bear

    Virgin Australia Voyeur is June 2019 the last

    I was reading the Virgin Australia Voyeur magazine over the weekend and saw this same article. Does this mean the end to the Inflight magazine or is there a new version coming?
  11. Bundy Bear

    How Can passengers check into a flight with bags and not board?

    How do passengers check into a flight with bags and then don’t board. Must be some good stories.
  12. Bundy Bear

    Low flying by Mercedes GLA-200 from SYD-MEL via Hume Highway

    thought this might be an interesting report for a few people, lots of AFF members have flown between Sydney and Melbourne and I am sure a few may have driven the route years ago but with speed and price flying is so much easier. The trip started on a Saturday with an overnight stop in...
  13. Bundy Bear

    Brisbane/Drinks dinner Thursday 24 May

    Planning dinner on Thursday 24 May, Mick O'Malleys Irish Pub Wintergarden, Queen St Mall Under BNE Hilton. Start time 6:00pm Some of you might from time to time check Flyertalk, Flyertalk have a yearly event called Ozfest with this years event being held in Noosa so a few people from out of...
  14. Bundy Bear

    USA San Francisco and New York.

    It had been 7 years since I was last in the US so I was keen to see how things had changed or not changed now that Trump was in charge. I was traveling with a friend who had never been to the US before and their only requirement was to spend up to a week in each location, so that ruled out and...
  15. Bundy Bear


    I must have made close to 100 Brisbane Sydney flights and after a flight last year on Fly Corporate I noticed that Rex were now flying the Brisbane - Toowoomba St George - Cunnamulla - Thargomindah route with a SAAB340. How could I fit in a flight on that route. After a bit of schedule...
  16. Bundy Bear

    Fly Corporate another Australian domestic airline

    After reading about a trip report about another Australian airline that most didn't know about I thought I should add a quick report on another small local airline. Fly Corporate have a fleet of SAAB340B and Metro 23 aircraft. A lot of their schedule is to provide service to routes and...
  17. Bundy Bear

    Your 2016 Flying Year in Review

    After completing my final flight for 2016 I updated my AFF flight tracker and decided to post some numbers. Bundy Bear AFF Flight tracker 54 segments 49698 miles Brisbane - Melbourne was the most popular route with 14 flights. Airport records Northernmost HND (35.55°N 139.78°E)...
  18. Bundy Bear

    BNE dinner/drinks Thursday 10 November

    TheBosman is traveling around in Australia and Thursday night he will be in Brisbane before he flies to Perth on Thursday for AFF10. Thought best that I start a thread. I was looking at an old AFF Favourite; The Mill Hotel. Sorry for the late notice but well I been busy and a few other...
  19. Bundy Bear

    Laptop or Tablet

    Some of the new tablets are now working more like a laptop, but if you are using a laptop for travel then would you stick with a laptop or consider a tablet with keyboard attachment. Anyone using a tablet and not a laptop; or people still using a small laptop; and I am not talking about...
  20. Bundy Bear

    Easyjet How 20 years has flown

    Not sure who else on AFF received an email last night from Easyjet celebrating that they are 20 years old. From the email, each person would be different if you had flown with Easyjet. It’s been 20 years since we buckled up for our first ever easyJet flight – how #timeflies. And it’s been...